Evolution of legal departments in the digital era
Observing how organizations are trying to get adapted to the context that the digital revolution is generating, we can rapidly extract some conclusions. Their hierarchy, structures, processes and even their external networks and forms of dealing with innovation and cooperation, are progressively bec...
Miguel González Inés - 10 May 2021
How Platform Technologies Enable Enterprise Collaboration For Corporate Legal Departments
The role of legal departments in many organizations has shifted significantly in recent years. In the past, legal functioned almost as a black box with little to no interaction with the rest of the company. Today’s legal department looks very different. Cross-collaboration is the name of the ...
Rob Johnson - 29 April 2021
Insights on Legal Department Enterprise Modernization
Transformation in the legal industry has and continues to be driven by client demand for more innovation, greater efficiency, increased diversity, and better use of technology to improve legal services delivery.  At the forefront of legal innovation and transforming the business of law since i...
Jeff Cox - 21 April 2021
Data-driven companies need lawyers in their IT Governance
Organizations need to be agile, efficient, innovative and resilient if they want to operate with more guarantees in this VUCA context and manage to navigate through current rough seas. Information and technology play a key role in order to achieve this goal. In fact, IT governance and management are...
Miguel González Inés - 12 April 2021
How firms are trying to adapt in the new digital environment. Discover the case of UnitedLex
The Impact Lawyers has the pleasure to publish the interview made with David Clarke, CMO and CXO at UnitedLex, about the digital tools that this firms is using currently to addapt to the new technological paradigm. What priorities should a law department have when it comes to digitally transforming...
Editor - 04 April 2021
The impact of automation in the legal sector. Know Documate
The Impact Lawyers interviewed Dorna Moini, CEO and Founder at Documate, is a no-code platform for creating robust document automation systems. Throughout this interview, Moini tries to explain how automation is impacting the legal services of many law firms. 1.       Is automat...
Editor - 05 March 2021
The benefits of technology in Law Firms
The legal sector is facing new challenges. The world is going through a process of digitization, which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The progress of technology has changed the way people work. We live in a world that seeks the immediate and this requires faster processes. All this m...
Joe Goodman - 04 March 2021
Which steps do lawyers need to take to innovate their work? Check out the new courses designed by Lucy Bassli
The Impact Lawyers interviews Lucy Bassli, a highly regarded American lawyer who will now launch a series of online courses to help modernise lawyers' legal practices.   What inspired you to create the Modernizing your Legal Practice courseware? My passion to inspire and enable lawyers t...
Editor - 02 March 2021
40% of Companies Facing Enforcement Investigations Due to Poorly Implemented Tech
A landmark survey of more than 1500 compliance leaders around the world has revealed major risks associated with digitalization, with 41 percent of those surveyed admitting their organization has already experienced enforcement investigations by regulators because of technology that was poorly on-bo...
Baker Mckenzie - 08 February 2021
Only 30% of law firms use document management systems in the cloud
LOGICFORCE, a legal IT (Information Technology) consultancy, recently published the results of a survey of mid-sized law firms designed to assess the current state of law firms' use of technology, as well as their protocols.              This year's report by LOGI...
Editor - 07 February 2021
"Lawyers are discovering that they can rely on automation to ensure reliability in their decision-making"
What is the main goal of Parley Pro? Parley Pro is a modern, (truly!) collaborative, and intuitive contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that has pioneered digital negotiation technology. Using smart collaboration, Parley Pro speeds up contract cycles by seamlessly bringing together people a...
Álvaro Navarro - 25 January 2021
FeeSolve (Fieldfisher), the platform that facilitates the practice of litigation funding
Fieldfisher has recently launched FeeSolve, a platform that enables the assessment of commercial claims in order to facilitate the choice of litigation funders among different legal proceedings. The platform is the latest development of the firm's innovative self-funded risk management and funding ...
Adelie Cordier - 22 January 2021
How artificial intelligence can reduce lawyers' work time
Law firms like large companies are using artificial intelligence programs to automate their work. In particular, there are programs that analyze algorithms and relevant information in documents, reducing the search work of lawyers. Concept of the software Leverton is a patented, award-winning AI-p...
Editor - 22 January 2021
Latest survey from Baker McKenzie and KPMG - The Future of Disputes: Are Virtual Hearings Here To Stay?
A UK report launching today by leading global law firm Baker McKenzie and KPMG UK highlights that 70% of surveyed legal professionals said they would prefer a virtual format for interim applications in the next civil dispute they are involved in. Based on a survey of 250 private practice and in-hou...
Editor - 15 January 2021
In-house counsel now have efficient, cost-effective way to evaluate their law firms’ data security practices
The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) announced the formal launch of its new Data Steward Program (DSP) – the legal industry’s first and most comprehensive data security evaluation and accreditation program specifically designed for law firms and their corporate law department clien...
Editor - 18 December 2020
Deloitte advances its technological growth and acquires Kemp Little
Deloitte has acquired London-based technology firm Kemp Little, in a deal described as a "watershed" for its growing legal arm.  This agreement doubles the number of staff in the Deloitte Legal team in the UK to 170 lawyers. This has been one of the largest agreements between one of the big f...
Editor - 04 November 2020
Why is the Government of Singapore funding the technological upgrading of law firms?
If you are working in a law firm that has an office in Singapore, you cannot fail to be interested in the technology program for firms launched by the Singapore Ministry of Law in May 2019, which ends in January 2021. This program costs the first year of investment for the implementation and improv...
Álvaro Navarro - 18 September 2020 Singapore
Increased risk of data protection during the pandemic
During the confinement, many companies have had to adapt to the telework format. Many employees have worked days and weeks at home and all data was stored in the cloud.  Teleworking may have brought benefits, but it has also brought risks to both business and personal data protection. In her a...
Editor - 26 August 2020
How to manage the singing of electronic documents?
Due to the ongoing healthcare emergency caused by COVID-19, signing documents is one of the many activities that became more complex because of the extended lockdown period. Giulio Asquini and Francesca Porietto explain about this topic in their article “IT solutions for electronic documents ...
Editor - 14 August 2020
Clifford Chance presents document automation platform CC Dr@ft
CC Dr@ft is the name of the new document automation platform of Clifford Chance, a multinational law firm headquartered in London. It delivers document automation and counts with a solution design as well as onboarding and maintenance service.  Users of CC Dr@ft can rely on the help of the fir...
Editor - 13 August 2020
Marketing Law Firms During a Pandemic
COVID-19 has changed each aspect of our lives and each segment of the economy. Like other sectors, the pandemic has also disrupted the legal sector. Disruption provides a healthy ground for innovation and creativity. In response to the curveball thrown by COVID, law firms need to pivot their marketi...
Akanksha Bisen - 04 August 2020
Interview with Carla Rydholm about Lex Machina´s new COVID-19 App
Carla Rydholm, Director of Product Management at Lex Machina, responds to The Impact Lawyers´ questions regarding the new COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App they have launched in June in order to track the litigation impact of the COVID-19 crisis.   First of all, could you explain me a bi...
Christine Fuessel - 15 July 2020
Almost half of legal practitioners are concerned about the future of their profession
Nearly a half of international lawyers do not expect a bright future for their profession, a quarter of them are concern due to the impact of digitalization and the implementation of artificial intelligence and technology in the legal sector, according to the results published by The Mosaic Mood Ind...
Editor - 14 July 2020
Which countries and jurisdictions are most ready for autonomous vehicles?
The viability of autonomous cars is becoming a reality. Increasingly, many countries are establishing regulations for this emerging sector.  According to a study by KPMG entitled KPMG Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI), the countries that are most prepared for autonomous vehicles are: ...
Editor - 13 July 2020
How can the artificial intelligence system help lawyers?
More and more Artificial Intelligence is spreading to all fields of legal practice, AI came to stay in the legal world and Luminance is a clear representation of it. Concept of your software Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. Founded by mathematicia...
Editor - 13 July 2020
2020 Wolters Kluwer Future Ready Lawyer Survey highlights relevance of technology for the legal sector
According to the 2020 Wolters Kluwer future ready lawyer survey, that deals with performance drivers and change in the legal sector, technology is at the center of top performance, as stated in a press release of the 5th of June, 2020.  Wolters Kluwer is a global leader in professional informa...
Christine Fuessel - 12 July 2020
Youth Rights Resource Compass released by Baker McKenzie and partners helps young people navigate through the COVID-19 crisis
On the 11th of June 2020, leading global law firm Baker McKenzie announced the release of the Youth Rights Resource Compass, a website that seeks to help children and youngsters all around the globe inform themselves about what is still accessible to them during the times of the coronavirus crisis. ...
Christine Fuessel - 22 June 2020
Biggest M&A deal ever in electric vehicle sector in China, counselled by Freshfields
Global law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, has advised German automaker Volkswagen in regards to its major investments in Chinese state-owned automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group (“JAC Motors”), as announced in a press release of June 1...
Editor - 18 June 2020 China
The “track and trace” of personal information amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, governments around the world have implemented a range of digital tracking, physical surveillance and censorship measures as a way to monitor, contain or mitigate the spread of the pandemic in their jurisdictions.   Countries including Austria, Singapore, Be...
Riette Engels-Van Zyl - 17 June 2020 South Africa
Legal AI platform INTELLLEX collects $2.1 million funding to modernise Knowledge-Based market
INTELLLEX artificial intelligence knowledge management legal platform has completed a $2.1 million funding round. The round was led by Quest Ventures, with the participation of Thomson Reuters, Insignia Ventures, K3 Ventures and a venture capital fund backed by the government of Singapore. Other ear...
Editor - 04 June 2020

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