How artificial intelligence can write your demand documents
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important revolution in technology since its invention. It is the attempt to imitate human intelligence through software, designing systems that act as humans would. But artificial intelligence should not be confused with computer programs because they are n...
TIL - 28 February 2023
Digital tools for legal firms
Law firms work against the clock in order to deliver all the files before the deadline expire. Consequently, time is the key factor in your daily activities that involve legal, administrative and commercial issues. To face this challenge, the legal sector has implemented technological tools in the ...
TIL - 14 February 2023
AI unleashes madness: $1 million for the lawyer who lets himself be replaced by a robot
Lawyer, would you accept in exchange for a significant financial offer to put on headphones in a Supreme Court trial and repeat exactly what a robot tells you to defend the interests of your client? Last Sunday, Joshua Browder, the CEO of DoNotPay, the world's most famous legal chatbot that claims ...
TIL - 12 January 2023
Legal services in the technological age develop through virtual offices
The digital era has revealed a transformation in all sectors of life, but mainly in the way people communicate. Communication was born as a need for people to transmit messages and understand them, but the media have evolved, and with them, new forms of communication and human interaction have emerg...
TIL - 10 January 2023
Reasons to digitize your office
Legal digitization is a challenge for professionals who work in this sector, but it is also a growth opportunity for them, especially for law firms. Law firms and large firms began their journey in this new digital field some time ago, and for that reason they have not lost the seriousness or the re...
TIL - 29 September 2022
Evolution of legal departments in the digital era
--- Legal departments during the digital era are undergoing deep changes to evolve efficiently  Observing how organizations are trying to get adapted to the context that the digital revolution is generating, we can rapidly extract some conclusions. Their hierarchy, structures, processes and e...
Miguel González Inés - 10 May 2021

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