The power of oratory in the legal profession
Lawyers need to face in their career the challenge of doing well at public speaking which is an extremely difficult skill that is fundamental to practice in order to be successful at the profession. Moreover, the oratory is essential to discuss in the court with other legal colleagues, make proficie...
TIL - 03 April 2023
The seven C’s of an effective legal communication
Communication is a key factor in the legal profession. Lawyers need to know how to transmit in an effective way their goals or objectives to their clients in order to be successful. It is important to keep in mind the seven C’s that should be in every legal activity that involves the act of co...
TIL - 21 March 2023
Qualities that every good lawyer must have
Every profession needs a group of skills to be developed to be a great employee in your work field. As it has always been said practice makes the perfection so, following this advice, there are some qualities that every lawyer needs to work on if they want to achieve success. First of all, every pr...
TIL - 14 March 2023
Ten tips for lawyers to be more productive in Teams
  The organization of a team of workers is essential for the company to function properly. Lawyers in law firms make use of the Microsoft Teams application for internal communication thanks to the advantages it offers. But if you want to work effectively and productively with this digital too...
TIL - 10 February 2023
How to improve client acquisition in the legal sector
Competition in the legal sector has increased in recent years, placing law firms in a very competitive scenario to see who emerges as the most prestigious law firm. It is common knowledge that the more prestigious a firm is, the greater the number of clients who want to hire its services, but the s...
TIL - 18 October 2022
How internal communication affects the success of law firms
Law is one of the most competitive industries. It’s quite challenging to be the best amongst the best. Therefore, besides the extraordinary services, you need to focus on some other values that will distinct your firm. Since lawyers and associates are continuously competing against one another...
Stella Van Lane - 28 February 2022
How to launch a podcast
--- In this article, Abhijat Saraswat explains the benefits of podcasting for law firms. The number of new podcasts created continues to increase, and podcasts are big business for good reason. Creating and publishing a podcast doesn't have to be complicated. In this article, I share the lessons I...
Abhijat Saraswat - 03 December 2021
"The single most important skill of any negotiator in any negotiation was the ability to LISTEN"
We negotiate every day, in our personal and work lives. We do so to manage the expectations and obligations of each other and to ensure things get done in a manner, time, and place that suits both parties and at best inconveniences them the least.  In the brief space afforded me in these pages...
Nick Davies - 09 November 2021
Barbara Gruber (Baker McKenzie): "Your own channels are a vital component these days"
1. Has communication become a vital factor for law firms? Professional communication matters for a law firm‘s business. It is a proven method of reaching potential clients, influencing existing ones and engaging with internal audiences. This means it is now indispensable. Since the late &lsqu...
Barbara Gruber - 28 October 2021
Sugar-coating feedback
--- We have all been there. We have something to say. We know that delivering the message will be of value to the client and to the professional. BUT something holds us back. We end up sugar coating feedback, which leads to miscommunication and the right actions not being taken   Why do we s...
Claire Rason - 31 March 2021

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