Corporate culture and diversity: two relevant factors for your law firm
When hiring new lawyers, it is very common to consider hiring professionals for cultural reasons, but few firms are aware of the real benefits of approaching this type of hiring appropriately.  First and foremost, in order to make the right recruitment of professionals, it is important to ensu...
Editor - 14 April 2021
How to increase positivity in the office?
One of the negative effects caused by the pandemic has undoubtedly been a drastic reduction in direct contact between co-workers and with customers. The lack of human connection outside our homes has increased levels of anxiety and depression, weakening socialisation and interpersonal relationships...
Editor - 12 April 2021
Three reasons that lead lawyers to leave law firms
Law firms are companies that generally undergo a lot of staff turnover. This can seriously affect the viability of the law firm itself, as many departments embark on lengthy projects that require stability of employment for those who work in them.  What are the reasons why it is difficult for ...
Editor - 09 April 2021
Lawyr, an app for matching lawyers
RollOnFriday, the world’s leading legal community website, has created Lawyr, a dating app for people in the legal community and those who want to meet them. It is a world first and since launching in March 2021 has already achieved a global following from London, Sydney, Houston to Minsk. Law...
Editor - 05 April 2021
Key factors to improve your firm's selection process
Lawyer recruitment processes are one of the most relevant issues facing firms. Analysing what elements can be improved in these processes can be beneficial in the future.  The following questions can be asked: Is the channel through which we are launching the recruitment process the right one,...
Editor - 31 March 2021
Employee-worker identity: key to increasing performance
Many leaders of large, medium and small law firms may be wondering whether an organisation's corporate culture can drive employee performance. A survey conducted by Vega Factor, a human capital software company, of more than 20,000 workers and more than 50 high-volume companies showed that why we wo...
Editor - 24 March 2021
How to increase happiness among your co-workers?
The digital age is making it easier for us to be faster and use multiple tools at once and from anywhere. What technological transformation does not guarantee is the happiness of workers, an issue that law firms should pay close attention to. Happiness is a consequence of human-to-human connection,...
Editor - 17 February 2021
Anti-burnout #2: Avoiding Covid Burnout
Feeling overloaded, out of control, or unrewarded? Or a bit out of touch with colleagues, sensing the unfairness of your situation, or being asked to do things that don't feel quite right? Welcome to Summer 2020 - worldwide lockdowns. None of us have been exempt from coronavirus and its effects. B...
Angus Lyon - 02 September 2020

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