Three steps to the consolidation of new innovations
--- Steve Glaveski shows the three steps to the consolidation of new innovations along with final thoughts and examples Typically, when new or potentially disruptive innovations come along, they are pursued by a large number of small players. That’s because new innovations are characterized...
Steve Glaveski - 20 June 2021
Why Networks Are an Untapped Resource in Legal?
--- Sharing economy and digital transformation have encouraged lawyers to share experiences between departments  Covid-19 brought in an epochal shift to remote working and forced organisations to reprioritise plans simultaneously. For many, this meant focusing heavily on digital transformatio...
Mercedes Brown - 18 June 2021
Book review: Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law
--- Book Review: Dennis Kennedy, Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations (October 18, 2019) The word “innovation” can sound ominous to those who have experienced too many brainstorming sessions featuring a sw...
Jerry Lawson - 31 May 2021
The first step towards Bar Associations´ innovation
--- The digital revolution has forced Bar Associations to meet new needs through innovative ways of making conferences Bar Associations also need to satisfy the changing needs of lawyers. Some of them think Bar Associations have not been able to adapt to the digital revolution that the whole world...
Joe Goodman - 22 May 2021
Innovation in mediation. Discover the programme launched by Winter Wheeler
Winter Wheeler is a professional mediator and arbitrator who combines legal professionalism with remarkable communication skills. Wheeler recently launched The Winter Wheeler Experience, an educational programme that aims to completely change the way legal professionals perceive medication.  T...
Editor - 06 May 2021
Leverage ALSPs and Legaltech to Improve Work Culture, Client Service, and Your Bottom Line
Does anyone else see it coming? It's so clear to me… We've just gone through an extended period of lockdown and reflection. We don't want to go back to the way things used to be, but we also want to break out of the erratic slog of how we're working now. People are burning out.   NOW:...
Yvonne Nath - 28 April 2021
How to build a team or department from nothing
When a lawyer starts with his new legal project or becomes head of a department in a law firm, one of the first questions that crosses his mind is the structuring of his team of employees.  How do you create a team from scratch? This is an eventuality that every entrepreneur - including lawye...
Editor - 16 April 2021
How Delegations of authority destroy innovation and employee morale
When organizations are small, process tends to be an afterthought. This might create inefficiencies and some risk, but it also enables speed, experimentation and adaptability - all critical to innovation. However, as an organization gets larger, there is not only more to lose but a lot more people ...
Steve Glaveski - 24 February 2021
Why don't we work 4 days a week?
First there has been the rise of teleworking and now many voices are calling for a 4-day working week, extending weekends from 2 to 3 days. The relevant question is whether such a plan would boost workers' efficiency and productivity.  Have you considered implementing this measure in your law ...
Editor - 15 February 2021
Innovation, disruption, and transversality to change the rules of Spain’s legal sector
With more than twenty-five years of experience in the legal sector, creating and transforming law firms, I sincerely believe that lawyers can add value and make a better world, fairer. We can change the industry’s rules and bring the most qualified defense closer to groups affected by abusive ...
David Fernandez - 13 February 2021
How to optimise your return on failure
If you’re not failing, you’re not innovating. Elon Musk’s words are echoed by most successful entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. If you’re not willing to fail, then you will only ever embark upon safe, incremental improvements, where you have all the answers and theref...
Steve Glaveski - 09 February 2021
A platform for gathering information and boosting efficiency in the legal sector, LegalEye is born
It has recently been announced the birth of LegalEye, a platform promoted by Barclays and Legal Advisor, which allows law firms and legal advisors to share work and ideas efficiently, creating interesting synergies between these two areas of the legal sector.  So far, six law firms have joined...
Joe Goodman - 05 February 2021
Survival guide for legal marketing managers (4). How to strengthen or create constructive relationships
In the last article of this series we tried to explain how to design a marketing plan. The pandemic has greatly changed the way marketing managers communicate with their peers. Departments are looking for new ways to communicate.  Marketing managers must also take into account the new paradigm...
William Brown - 19 January 2021
8 crucial interviews during 2020 for the legal sector
During this year, The Impact Lawyers has been pleased to be able to interview interesting and relevant profiles within the legal sector. We have interviewed professionals interested in innovation and that many of them have been able to see opportunities in the midst of the pandemic.  Below, we...
Editor - 31 December 2020
The business development keepers of 2020
Yes, there really are some things that all professional services firms should keep in their marketing and business development plans from 2020.... No.1 - Listening 2020 was the year we listened.  For some this was true pre- 2020, but there seems to have been a universal acceptance this year ...
Claire Rason - 29 December 2020
5 minutes to a good idea
At our recent 48 Hour Lean Startup workshop I helped guide an optometrist with no idea what he wanted to work on to a gamechanging concept in under 5 minutes. How? --- What does your day look like? I see patients. What else do you do? Administrative tasks. How much time do you spend on these ...
Steve Glaveski - 24 December 2020
Legaltech: 5 first pioneers to join Lawtech Sandbox Pilot
The Lawteck UK platform has announced the startups ClauseMatch, Amplified Global, Clause, Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab and Legal Utopia as the first pioneers to join The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot project. The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will provide these 5 startups with three months of advice to deliver...
William Brown - 10 December 2020
Discover the legal accelerator created by Allens-Linklaters and Collective Campus
The law firm Allens has opened the registration for its new legal accelerator called "Auctus - Allens Legal Accelerator". This innovative project will be carried out with the innovation consultancy firm Collective Campus. The accelerator offers innovators and entrepreneurs in Australia and internat...
William Brown - 27 November 2020 A platform with over 4,900 pioneers in the legal sector. Why join this platform?
We could attract more talent to help build better technology than in the last decade. And we hope these pioneers start on TLDR: Despite a decade with thousands of companies with billions in capital, we failed to bring meaningful change to the process of law. No matter the reasons,...
Raymond Blijd - 27 October 2020
What are the main barriers faced by in-house lawyers regarding innovation?
Are you an in-house lawyer and don't know how to make your work and services more innovative? Allen & Overy has published a report in which they surveyed 92 senior lawyers from corporate legal departments about the barriers that corporate lawyers face in becoming more innovative in their offices...
Editor - 13 October 2020
Know the winners of The Changing Lawyers Awards
The judging team of The Changing Lawyers Awards had announced last week the winners of this original award:  Legal Innovator of the Year: Presented to the individual who has driven the most significant change within their firm or legal department. Evan J. Shenkman, Senior Director of Knowle...
Editor - 05 October 2020

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