How to attract clients for your law firm through SEO positioning
SEO positioning responds to the acronym Search Engine Optimization, something like optimizing the search engine. It consists of a set of techniques to place your website in the first results of specific user searches, which is an improvement in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), thus increasing...
TIL - 10 May 2022
New tech and social order: a future-back reflection on the way forward
It was 1999 when David Bowie said with utmost confidence that “The potential of what the Internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable”. Back then, the internet was still at its early stages, yet Bowie’s prediction has proven incredibly accurate despite the...
Giorgia Vulcano - 04 October 2021
The rise of the SPAC: what law firm professionals need to know
Even though SPACs have been around for decades, over the past year they have shaped the M&A and IPO markets in a big way. Indeed, there has been a historic spike in the amount of capital raised by utilizing SPACs. In the first quarter of 2021, some $166 billion worth of deals were closed via SPA...
Amit Rajvanshy - 12 July 2021
How technology affects the M&A sector
Merger & Acquisitions transactions are common in all countries of the world. The most internationally recognized firms have teams of lawyers who are experts in this field.  With the evolution of technology, law firms have become more sophisticated, as has their practice. Steven de Schrijve...
TIL - 19 August 2020

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