Law Firm Data Security Guide: How to Keep Your Law Firm Secure
--- Damian Alderson advises law firms to apply appropriate cybersecurity measures against cybercriminals to ensure data security Nowadays, many law firms operate in the online world so that they can create enough exposure for themselves and attract more clients. That being said, your clients entru...
Damian Alderson - 14 June 2021
Cyber-attacks? Tips to protect your law firm's website
The Internet has become the marketplace where the vast majority of law firms do business. The pandemic has drastically reduced the number of trips and meetings to meet with clients and the image of law firms is viewed from a computer screen.  Apart from the advantages of moving all work activi...
Editor - 19 April 2021
How countries began to locate their citizens due to COVID-19
Due to the pandemic crisis, many countries have forced their inhabitants to confine themselves to their homes or to limit their movements as much as possible. To control these movements, they have launched apps or mobile software that, in many aspects, can concern the population because of the viola...
Álvaro Navarro - 23 June 2020
How to conciliate the use of tracking technology with GDPR requirements in the context of the covid-19 outbreak
The exceptional health crisis that we are facing, leads many of us to compare the methods used in different regions of the world, particularly in Asia, to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, while regretting that some of them are not being fully implemented in our own country and more generally in ...
Ahmed Baladi - 02 June 2020

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