Five dangerous cyberattacks that threaten the legal sector
As the virtual world expands and the presence of the Internet takes over all areas of communication, so does malware. This new word means malicious software and its main mission is to infiltrate into any device without the user's prior knowledge. The legal sector has experienced ...
TIL - 10 March 2023
Keys to information leak management in a law firm
Cybersecurity is an essential element in the strategy of law firms. Sometimes there are problems in the firm's data systems because they are attacked, and clients' data privacy is violated. This has negative consequences, it highlights the lack of security of law firms and clients will lose confiden...
TIL - 16 February 2023
Reasons to digitize your office
Legal digitization is a challenge for professionals who work in this sector, but it is also a growth opportunity for them, especially for law firms. Law firms and large firms began their journey in this new digital field some time ago, and for that reason they have not lost the seriousness or the re...
TIL - 29 September 2022
How Law Firms Can Overcome Struggles With Data Privacy and Security
Data privacy and security are among the fundamental components of any type of business, not just legal services. Personal information, and data in general, has slowly but surely become the very bloodline and an extremely important asset of every modern business landscape.  *** Within the lega...
Stella Van Lane - 17 March 2022
Law Firm Data Security Guide: How to Keep Your Law Firm Secure
--- Damian Alderson advises law firms to apply appropriate cybersecurity measures against cybercriminals to ensure data security Nowadays, many law firms operate in the online world so that they can create enough exposure for themselves and attract more clients. That being said, your clients entru...
Damian Alderson - 22 November 2021
Privacy laws are useless when everyone wants to be watched
Around the world, concern is growing about digital surveillance. Widespread tracking of users by apps, data processing by Internet giants, and covert government activity have produced a groundswell of support for strengthening online privacy rights. This has resulted in some apparent legislative vic...
Gema Gago - 12 November 2021
Cybersecurity Within Law Firms - Strategy to Protect Sensible Data
Abstract A strong cybersecurity strategy can help protect your brand and the trust of your clients in your firm. This is where the 3Ps - people, processes, policy - come into play and aid in drawing up an action plan that can be followed by law firms everywhere.   1. Introduction We have be...
Alexandra Ivan - 30 July 2021
Case Study: Law Firm Data Protection & Cybersecurity Awareness
--- Law firms are constantly fighting for their clients and defending their clients' interests. However, they sometimes forget that they are always at risk – the cybersecurity risk.  Law firms face many cybersecurity challenges, but safeguarding their clients' confidenti...
Vlad Styran - 01 July 2021
Case Study: Corporate cybersecurity and risk management
--- Baufest presents a case study in which they tell the problem, the solutions and the benefits of his performance in a company   THE COMPANY A leading supplier of pipes and related services to the global energy industry. Its customers include major international oil companies, as well as ...
Baufest - 01 July 2021
Cyber-attacks? Tips to protect your law firm's website
--- The author gives some tips to protect your law firm from cyber-attacks The Internet has become the marketplace where the vast majority of law firms do business. The pandemic has drastically reduced the number of trips and meetings to meet with clients and the image of law firms is viewed from ...
TIL - 19 April 2021
How countries began to locate their citizens due to COVID-19
Due to the pandemic crisis, many countries have forced their inhabitants to confine themselves to their homes or to limit their movements as much as possible. To control these movements, they have launched apps or mobile software that, in many aspects, can concern the population because of the viola...
Álvaro Navarro - 23 June 2020
How to conciliate the use of tracking technology with GDPR requirements in the context of the covid-19 outbreak
The exceptional health crisis that we are facing, leads many of us to compare the methods used in different regions of the world, particularly in Asia, to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, while regretting that some of them are not being fully implemented in our own country and more generally in ...
Ahmed Baladi - 02 June 2020

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