Teleworking: Can employees be monitored?
With the implementation of remote working, department heads are concerned about the performance of their employees. Everyone will be able to see how the establishment of remote working from home affects their performance.  There are many tools on the market that allow managers to find out what...
Editor - 17 May 2021
The 4 keys to Creating a succesful Practice
1. Change the way you think The way you think creates your success. If you find yourself blaming other people or circumstances for your lack of success, you need to take responsibility for your choices. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), we talk about what's called "cause and effect". • ...
Eva Guerra - 16 May 2021
Efficiency in law firms?
Efficiency is a sometimes invariable factor within law firms. All legal professionals strive to achieve it in their working day. Long working hours, or the stress generated within the office, are causes that undermine efficiency.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind to increase efficiency:&nbs...
Editor - 13 May 2021
Setting SMART goals
Setting goals is very important in different areas of the company. In addition, it is even more important to involve employees in setting those goals. Not only will you have a better chance of achieving your objectives, but you will also get the maximum potential out of your employees because they w...
Editor - 11 May 2021
How to have a better return to work
Now that the pandemic seems to be disappearing, people are returning to the office. However, employers will need to manage this return to work, maintaining the well-being of their employees and leading the company to a better place. Also, they will have to deal with depression, anxiety, and other ef...
Editor - 05 May 2021
Why an internal podcast could benefit our law firm's culture?
Many of us have calls with colleagues and bosses via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other online platforms, yet we sometimes wonder whether we really feel a sense of belonging to our company at home. Yet, sometimes we wonder if we really feel a sense of belonging to the company from home? T...
Editor - 01 May 2021
With this new hybrid model of work, leaders must work on fairness
As a result of the pandemic, a hybrid model of work is now in place. Employees combine face-to-face and online work, so they can get the benefits of both models of work. For example, they have greater flexibility and still work with their peers. However, this hybrid model also requires a change in l...
Editor - 30 April 2021
Time – Are you Saving, Spending, Wasting, Using or Investing?
I wanted to have a talk about the concept of time and in particular the concept of saving time, or spending time, or investing time, or using time. We talk about saving time, but the reality is we can’t actually save any time. There’s no time you can save that is going to ever come bac...
Eva Guerra - 27 April 2021
How to have complicated conversations at work?
Have you ever had to tell your team about the dismissal of one of the lawyers? Have you ever had to tell your team about the loss of a client? Have you ever told your team about the end of a deadline?  Difficult conversations are impossible events to avoid in a law firm. Whether it's about wor...
Editor - 25 April 2021
How to avoid work overload in a law firm?
Work overload within law firms is a reality that many already assimilate and carry on their backs.  Overload is also caused by workers' fear that their bosses think they are not really productive, and this thinking has increased among workers due to remote teleworking from home. In fact, a rep...
Editor - 08 April 2021
How is your law firm perceived?
Branding often stops at a firm's logo and the colour palette set out in the brand guidelines. Sometimes consideration extends to the strap line. However, the invisible side of branding - its driving force - is harder to grasp, harder to get right, and all too often forgotten in discussions about bra...
Claire Rason - 03 April 2021
Don't waste any more time: How to organise your tasks?
The only thing that the pandemic has brought to our work schedules are countless telematic meetings which, in the vast majority of cases, only delay time and waste hours.  It is clear that remote working has completely changed the way team members organise and divide up their tasks.  Belo...
Editor - 01 April 2021
Do Not Let the Technician in You Dominate Your Business and What to do About it.
Michael E. Gerber writes in his book that in each one of us that go into business are three persons in one, i.e. the Entrepreneur, the Manager and the Technician.  The Entrepreneur in us is the visionary, the one that got us into the business. That is the dreamer, the change maker, the catalys...
Brian Maphosa - 30 March 2021
Employee-worker identity: key to increasing performance
Many leaders of large, medium and small law firms may be wondering whether an organisation's corporate culture can drive employee performance. A survey conducted by Vega Factor, a human capital software company, of more than 20,000 workers and more than 50 high-volume companies showed that why we wo...
Editor - 24 March 2021
Will the 4 working days be implemented in law firms?
4 Day Week Campaign is a platform supported by several British organisations to promote the reduction of weekly working days. According to this platform, the establishment of 4 working days a week would benefit society and the economy.  The Impact Lawyers was able to interview the promoters of...
Editor - 23 March 2021
Get prepared for some bad news
We all receive bad news at work, either from the head of our department or from a colleague.  When it comes to telling bad news in the professional sphere, it is important to bear in mind the following conditions: - Order It is not the same to tell bad news first and then good news. Generall...
Editor - 09 March 2021
Alfonso López-Ibor (L-I Lawyers): "Foreign firms investing in other countries tend to be financially stronger"
The Impact Lawyers publishes an interview with Alfonso López-Ibor, Director Partner of Lopez-Ibor Lawyers, on the firm's internationalization strategy. This interview and others can be found in the Survey on the internationalization of law firms. What is the strategy you have followed when i...
Editor - 09 March 2021
Antoni Gómez (Auren): "We offer to our clients a coordinated approach and a common methodology"
The Impact Lawyers publishes an interview with Antoni Gómez, Chair of Auren International. This interview and others can be found in the Survey on the internationalisation of law firms. What is the strategy you have followed when opening offices abroad? Why? We have given pri...
Editor - 02 March 2021
How to work with the mood of lawyers
Many lawyers face psychological and emotional setbacks during their working years. The hours spent working in the office, coupled with dealing with different professionals during the day (whether clients or colleagues), make the profession difficult. Let's be clear: lawyers know little about emotio...
Editor - 01 March 2021
Elisa Lemus (Barrilero): "It is essential to know the local reality of the environment very well"
The Impact Lawyers publishes an interview with Elisa Lemus, Head of Barillero y Asociados International Desk. This interview and others can be found in the Survey on the internationalisation of law firms. What is the strategy you have followed when opening offices abroad? Why? Our i...
Editor - 01 March 2021
Your law firm without COVID. Find out how to prevent the spread of the virus in your office
Numerous international governments have published COVID-19 prevention measures for employers and employees to consider for the return to face-to-face office work, as many firms still maintain the teleworking regime, but many others are reopening their offices.  The following are the most commo...
Editor - 26 February 2021
How lawyers can improve their "to do list"
Lawyers have to perform many tasks throughout their working day. Normally, the time to carry them out is limited, as lawyers spend time dealing with their clients, or planning with their departmental colleagues. The issue is that lawyers usually structure all their tasks under a to do list, commonl...
Editor - 24 February 2021
To thrive in 2021, the 5 things lawyers need to do to create a client and action focused BD plan
To succeed in any economic climate, it helps to have a solid BD plan in place. For many lawyers, without a clear business development plan in place it is very hard to grow revenue with the limited time available. Delivering great legal work for your clients will naturally be your priority. However, ...
Ben Paul - 22 February 2021
Burnout in your law firm? Discover the myths about it
Exhaustion at work and stress are among the main causes of burnout, a disease recognised by the World Health Organisation in 2019.  Apart from these, there are many reasons that lead to burnout in many professionals, especially in the legal profession, which is a sector that generates a lot of...
Editor - 22 February 2021
Why coordinated communication is everything at your law firm
Coordination is a key element in any organisation. What teleworking has taught us is that establishing proper communication with workers in our own department, and with workers in other departments, is an important step that will help us on our way to success. Here are some tips for improving intra...
Editor - 19 February 2021
Achieving big projects through small tasks - how do you do it?
Many lawyers are faced with a huge amount of work every day, and much of it ends up being completed at the last minute, or perhaps later than expected. The question that comes to mind is: what are the constraints that cause us not to finish the work on time? When planning a project strategy, the en...
Editor - 19 February 2021
Accept failures in order to succeed in the future
"There is no such thing as failure, except when we cease to make an effort", said Jean Paul Marat, the 18th century French scientist and physician.  Failure is well known to all law firms. There is no company that, before achieving anything, has failed. And we are all still afraid of failure. ...
Editor - 18 February 2021
Is there a lack of communication between employees in your law firm? Learn how to communicate!
Working remotely is a standard issue in law firms and many are already opting for mixed models for their workers. Countless firms are realising that teleworking saves costs on office space and maintenance, electricity, cleaning, etc., saving organisations $11,000 per employee per year, according to ...
Editor - 18 February 2021
How to increase happiness among your co-workers?
The digital age is making it easier for us to be faster and use multiple tools at once and from anywhere. What technological transformation does not guarantee is the happiness of workers, an issue that law firms should pay close attention to. Happiness is a consequence of human-to-human connection,...
Editor - 17 February 2021
Work wherever you want. Spotify's new model
Can you imagine your firm's lawyers working from different countries? Would it be possible? Certainly there are many companies that for industry reasons do not allow their employees to work from other countries or cities, but there are internationally relevant companies that do. Now we look at Spo...
Editor - 16 February 2021

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