28 November 2021

Why an internal podcast could benefit our law firm's culture?


Corporate culture is important and that is the reason why companies should publish a series of internal podcasts

Many of us have calls with colleagues and bosses via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other online platforms, yet we sometimes wonder whether we really feel a sense of belonging to our company at home. Yet, sometimes we wonder if we really feel a sense of belonging to the company from home?

The corporate culture of a company - or law firm - is crucial. And it is not easy to achieve a strong culture among employees.

That is why many HR experts recommend that the company itself publishes a series of internal podcasts for its employees to listen to. This content can provide

- Corporate closeness: The fact that the podcast can involve managers or influential professionals within the company would help to bring workers closer to the company's values. Obviously the tone of the podcast has to be friendly, and the pace has to be entertaining.

- Informative value: Podcasts are a way to get information on any kind of issue. Therefore, a company can inform its employees about new agreements that have been reached, benefits, etc. Through podcasts, a worker can find out all the latest news about the company. 

- Motivation: Podcasts can also be used to inspire employees, to encourage them to do their job better. A good measure could be that prominent professionals can give advice that helps them in their day-to-day work; that they can tell anecdotes. Encouraging employees is always good for the company as a whole. Podcasts on leadership can also be made.

- Achievements: You can interview an employee, or several employees, when they achieve an accomplishment for the company. This would be very encouraging for this group of people, who would set an example for the rest of the staff. It is a great idea to highlight the efforts of employees.

- Welcome: Explanatory podcasts can be useful for a new employee who has just joined the company. Thanks to these podcasts, new employees can get a more detailed idea of the firm, especially about its values and mission.

Many law firms are investing efforts in creating podcasts as a legal learning tool, or to sell hits on social media. But few have considered launching internal podcasts, trying to achieve just the opposite: prestige and closeness within the firm

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