Why an internal podcast could benefit our law firm's culture?
Many of us have calls with colleagues and bosses via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other online platforms, yet we sometimes wonder whether we really feel a sense of belonging to our company at home. Yet, sometimes we wonder if we really feel a sense of belonging to the company from home? T...
Editor - 01 May 2021
How to have complicated conversations at work?
Have you ever had to tell your team about the dismissal of one of the lawyers? Have you ever had to tell your team about the loss of a client? Have you ever told your team about the end of a deadline?  Difficult conversations are impossible events to avoid in a law firm. Whether it's about wor...
Editor - 25 April 2021
Internal podcasts for lawyers? It can be possible!
The Impact Lawyers has the pleasure to publish an interview made with Molly Beck, CEO of Messy.fm, an award-winning private podcasting software is trusted by dozens of teams across the Fortune 500, plus thousands of SMBs and individual creators. What podcasting-related services does Messy provide t...
Editor - 10 April 2021
Chatbots - Legal friendly?
Nowadays, it is difficult to determine whether a natural person or Chatbot is talking to a customer on a Company's website. And not without a reason.  Companies around the world are looking for ways to improve their customer service culture and Chatbots seems to be an integral part of it. If yo...
Anete Garoza - 08 April 2021
Networking for lawyers: Tips for good networking
Networking is another professional area that has been affected by the pandemic. Not many professionals have mastered how to relate and interact with potential clients or collaborators. These difficulties can be found in any sector, including the legal sector. Communicating with your network can be ...
Editor - 26 March 2021
Why coordinated communication is everything at your law firm
Coordination is a key element in any organisation. What teleworking has taught us is that establishing proper communication with workers in our own department, and with workers in other departments, is an important step that will help us on our way to success. Here are some tips for improving intra...
Editor - 19 February 2021
Is there a lack of communication between employees in your law firm? Learn how to communicate!
Working remotely is a standard issue in law firms and many are already opting for mixed models for their workers. Countless firms are realising that teleworking saves costs on office space and maintenance, electricity, cleaning, etc., saving organisations $11,000 per employee per year, according to ...
Editor - 18 February 2021
How to launch a podcast for lawyers. The case of 'How I Lawyer'
How you came up with the idea of the podcast ‘How I Lawyer’?  I teach Legal Practice at Georgetown Law (where I also went to law school). In that capacity I spend a lot of time teaching students about how to be effective legal practitioners (legal writing, legal research, oral advo...
Jonah Perlin - 12 February 2021
Good communication on Social Media: key to the success of CEOs
Communication between business leaders and their employees and customers is very important. And even more so in times of COVID, where everything is uncertainty and misinformation.  The 2020 Brandfod study shows the importance of good communication between leaders and their employees and custo...
William Brown - 04 January 2021
Cuatrecasas advises Grupo Bel to become a shareholder in a large Portuguese media corporation
Cuatrecasas has advised Grupo Bel on the negotiations for entering as shareholder in Global Media Group, a media corporation that owns 19 Portuguese media outlets such as Diário de Notícias and TSF, and holds a stake in the news agency Lusa.  The legal team that advised Grupo Bel...
Editor - 22 September 2020 Portugal

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