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15 February 2023

Advantages of having a community manager in the legal firm

Social media give a new vision of the world and they have changed the way we look at things. People show in them their daily routines, their leisure time, the food they eat, and even the opinions they have on certain issues. Consequently, social media help to form an idea of ​​what a person is like.

Companies also participate in this way of presenting themselves to the world. Many legal firms have created a corporate profile on various social media to advertise and attract the attention of clients. However, the desired goal is not always achieved. If you do not dedicate the necessary time and effort to social media, you will achieve the opposite effect.

This is when the figure of the community manager comes into play, a job that is becoming essential within the management of law firms. This person is an Internet and social media expert who is in charge of designing marketing strategies to promote law firms online and increase their annual billing. These are the main advantages obtained by legal firms that have a community manager as an employee on their staff.

1. Business opportunity

The activity carried out by the community manager is a business opportunity. The office will be able to reach other cities or countries with a greater success. Moreover, advertising in other territories online is beneficial for the law firm because it attracts new clients, builds their loyalty, allows constant contact with them, you can read the comments and opinions that people have regarding your brand, and it is a new way to market legal services.

2. Increasement of the position

The community manager of your law firm is essential for your firm to be recognized among the best legal firms and a reference in the work area in which it operates. In addition to greater recognition of the activity of lawyers and better positioning, their activity on social media will also help more and more people demand the legal services of the law firm to solve their conflicts.

Foto gratuita concepto de crecimiento empresarial en vista lateral de la pared gris y blanco. hombre poniendo los dedos en las escaleras.

3. Define and reinforce the brand image

The way of communicating with the online community is a way of transmitting the values ​​that govern the company's personal brand. To improve the brand of the legal firm, it is not only necessary to determine in which social media you want to be present, but also to generate feedback between the lawyers and the target. Your way of working on social networks and answering users will highlight the principles of the legal firm.

4. Low economic investment

Doing marketing campaigns on social media does not mean investing a large budget, for that reason it is economically affordable for the company. In addition, having a community manager in your law firm contributes significantly the increasement of the economic benefits. Its purpose is to convert time into customer acquisition and its effectiveness is measured in results and not in the means used.

5. Publication of information of interest to customers

One of the keys to attract the interest of people in social networks is to publish valuable information, so that legal firms can publish the success of lawyers' cases, show off about the firm's achievements, the operations carried out, as well as of the organized events.

Foto gratuita feliz empresaria leyendo excelentes noticias en línea en una computadora portátil trabajando en oportunidades económicas en la oficina de la empresa de inicio

6. Improve the relationship with customers

The relationship with customers will improve thanks to direct and constant contact on social media. But the objective is not only to keep our clients informed and attract new of them, but also, the main objective is to retain them. The more activity there is in the profiles, the more interest it will generate in the users, creating a constant relationship and the feeling of belonging to a community that shares interests.

7. Increase confidence

Social media are the principal mean of communication and information due to its levels of consumption, taking this into account, as the number of followers increases, the trust of clients in your legal services will increase. Depending on the number of followers your social media accounts have, the legal firm will have a greater presence and influence on the Internet and its publications will have greater credibility.

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