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14 February 2023

Digital tools for legal firms

Law firms work against the clock in order to deliver all the files before the deadline expire. Consequently, time is the key factor in your daily activities that involve legal, administrative and commercial issues.

To face this challenge, the legal sector has implemented technological tools in the development of its own tasks. This phenomenon is called LegalTech and it is in charge of the streamline and the optimization of the processes through data automation.

Lawyers have hundreds of digital tools at their disposal that provide more accurate data and help law firms deal with complex demands for legal services and manage their resources effectively.

The benefits of these tools are that they process a large amount of information and data in real time, faster than with traditional tools, and the possibility of mistakes are reduced since they are artificial intelligence programs. Because of the characteristics that have been previously addressed, a better business performance is achieved because it saves time and money.

Digital tools that are currently leading the legal market:

1.    Filevine

Many law firms prefer Filevine software for the ability to customize services by sending the legal team a unique tool that works specifically for each law firm.

Some of the main features of this tool are project management, case update notification for clients, conversation recording, task and deadline management, and offers the highest possible security in data management. In addition, it offers communication tools for lawyers and clients.

Filevine: precios, funciones y opiniones | GetApp España 2023

2.    Clio

This software can be installed on any technological device that has an Internet connection. It allows you to manage legal practices, manage cases and documents in the cloud safely and automatically on the appropriate client issue, data analysis, and create reminders to meet each deadline, among other possibilities.

It is also focused on the customer area. Clio software manages relationships, processes and manages documents, schedules appointments, makes it easy for clients to pay with personalized invoices or automated payment plans. It is even possible to manage processes, grow and add value to the law firm effortlessly.

3.    Everlaw

Everlaw makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the firm because it works with advanced and easy-to-use technology, moreover, it has predictive coding, so the tool becomes smarter as the legal firm interacts with the application.

It is a specialized electronic discovery tool that identifies and investigates electronically stored data. Lawyers using this tool can upload, review and produce documents at a very fast pace and online, therefore, from other devices since the information is stored in the cloud.

Everlaw: precios, funciones y opiniones | GetApp España 2023

4.    Checkbox

In this case, the Checkbox software is not focused on document management, but rather on improving the legal services offered and, thus, the customer experience. It is a tool for automating business processes on the web. Some of the most useful tools that Checkbox offers are smart forms, calculation engines or transcripts, among others.

Checkbox: precios, funciones y opiniones | GetApp España 2023

5.    Time by Ping

It is a timing tool focused on maximizing personal and billing time, so the legal firms that use it are companies that want to be more profitable, investing in customer service and business culture. When members of the legal team work on a case, this artificial intelligence tool records the time and work invested and categorizes it.

6.    Smokeball

Smokeball it’s a law practice management software that allows law firms to work faster thanks to the productivity tools it contains. This software, in addition to automating documents and integrating with other digital tools such as Outlook and Word, keeps track of the time worked by lawyers, which allows them to know where they lose and earn money in order to correct mistakes and optimize in a better way their prices.

Smokeball Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2023

7.    CosmoLex

CosmoLex is a secure, cloud-hosted, zero-configuration web application that provides a centralized legal case management solution to eliminate duplicates and double entries. In addition, it can be integrated with other digital tools.

Some of the outstanding features that it has are the capture of time and expenses; handles accounting; manage case documents; have a calendar for task management; capture time and expenses; and batch email invoice and billing.

CosmoLex | Software Reviews & Alternatives

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