Legal services in the technological age develop through virtual offices
The digital era has revealed a transformation in all sectors of life, but mainly in the way people communicate. Communication was born as a need for people to transmit messages and understand them, but the media have evolved, and with them, new forms of communication and human interaction have emerg...
TIL - 10 January 2023
How to improve client acquisition in the legal sector
Competition in the legal sector has increased in recent years, placing law firms in a very competitive scenario to see who emerges as the most prestigious law firm. It is common knowledge that the more prestigious a firm is, the greater the number of clients who want to hire its services, but the s...
TIL - 18 October 2022
Best digital marketing strategies for law firms
When starting a new firm or office, the greatest difficulty lies in attracting clients. Given the lack of reputation, contacts or old clients, new technologies have opened up a range of possibilities to gain a foothold in the market. Fortunately, these new technologies are changing people's cus...
TIL - 08 July 2022
Most common errors on the websites of law firms
Websites are no less than the showcase of firms. Nowadays, the vast majority of us go to the internet when it comes to buying a certain product or service. We look for reviews and web spaces that generate trust and provide security, whether to buy clothes, hire a trip, look for a restaurant or seek ...
TIL - 07 July 2022

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