Business feedback: a tool for law firm management
When people are affected by external stimuli, the human organism automatically generates a response known as feedback. This concept is also extrapolated beyond the functioning of the human body, specifically to the business sector when a company's employees receive a message about the work actions t...
TIL - 06 March 2023
What working policy will firms adopt after the pandemic?
--- A McKinsey study reveals the uncertainty that companies and their workers have because they do not know what working policy they will adopt in the post-pandemic era   Firms are trying to adjust their remote work policy as outbreaks of the virus are gradually coming under control. While l...
Utkarsh Gambhir - 19 October 2021
Will the 4 working days be implemented in law firms?
--- Many law firms are considering implementing a four-day working week 4 Day Week Campaign is a platform supported by several British organisations to promote the reduction of weekly working days. According to this platform, the establishment of 4 working days a week would benefit society and the...
Adelie Cordier - 09 June 2021
Why half of Millennials are stressed most of the time?
--- The Global Millenial Survey 2020 conducted by Deloitte reflects the views of Millenials and Gen Zs, pointing out their values and beliefs as well as concerns. This year, the report includes data both pre-pandemic and during the COVID-19 crisis  Key findings regarding the impact of COVID-1...
TIL - 18 May 2021
Do you know all the benefits of working from home?
--- The consequences of teleworking have had a great impact on organizations, employees and the economy with their respective benefits We have all experienced what it is like to work from home. In fact, although it is now possible to work from the office in many places, many law firms have chosen ...
TIL - 07 May 2021
The inevitable physical reconversion of law firms
--- New trends in office space indicate that law firms are increasingly fitting out their offices for coworking and client meetings, or dispensing with office space altogether Firms that have established a "hybrid" teleworking model are the biggest promoters of office refurbishment. With fewer law...
Álvaro Navarro - 14 April 2021
How to avoid work overload in a law firm?
--- Work overload within law firms is a reality that many already assimilate and carry on their backs Overload is also caused by workers' fear that their bosses think they are not really productive, and this thinking has increased among workers due to remote teleworking from home. In fact, a repor...
TIL - 08 April 2021
Hybrid office assistance model: How to implement it in your law firm?
--- At the onset of the pandemic, thousands and thousands of companies were forced to organise full remote working for their employees Many of them even considered no longer implementing face-to-face working in their offices, saving on maintenance costs and other related expenses. The point is th...
TIL - 04 April 2021
3 tips to overcome stress caused by your boss
--- When people talk about leadership, about the skills exercised as a leader or department head, they usually discuss the positive aspects and the techniques that have led to success But very few are able to analyse the elements that lead to toxic environments, stress and mistrust. When dealing ...
Utkarsh Gambhir - 31 March 2021
How to build trust in your law firm
--- When we talk about building trust at work, we mean that this relationship is present between lawyers and partners in law firms. And no, it is not always easy to establish trusting relationships between lawyers Communication is one of the pillars that build trust. A leader, or an area manager, ...
TIL - 29 March 2021
Work wherever you want. Spotify's new model
--- Through "Work From Anywhere", employees will be able to decide how they work and where they work, although the latter may be limited due to time constraints or legislation in the selected location Can you imagine your firm's lawyers working from different countries? Would it be possible? ...
TIL - 16 February 2021
NEXT WEBINAR [14 January]: Mobile work in Germany -Get prepared for the new normal
The Impact Lawyers has the pleasure to invite you to the next webinar [January 14th at 9am ET / 2pm London Time / 3pm CET], hosted by Inka Müller-Seubert and Paula Wernecke regarding “Mobile work in Germany -Get prepared for the new normal".  REGISTER NOW:
TIL - 12 January 2021
Employers Focused on Extended Remote Work, Impact of Presidential Election, Littler Survey Finds
Littler, the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing management, has released the results of the Littler Employer Pulse Survey Report. The survey was completed by representatives of nearly 1,100 companies in mid-October – seven months after the remote-work pivot n...
Littler - 30 November 2020 United States of America
Only 7% of US workers want to return to work in their offices 5 days a week
Nelson Worldwide has published a survey of professionals from different sectors and different cities in the United States showing that only 7% of them want to return to work in the office 5 days a week.  The questions in this survey were mainly about the impact of work and productivity on the ...
Joe Goodman - 19 November 2020 United States of America
Homes will be the new offices? A new survey reveals that it may be a reality
The Kung Group has elaborated a survey entitled “How and When will America return to Work” that reveals relevant transformational remote work trends within the venture-backed companies due to the Covid-19. Relevant data shown in this survey are as follows:   70 percent of f...
TIL - 12 June 2020 United States of America
The beginning of the end; preparing for life (and work) after lockdown
It has become increasingly clear over the past few weeks that the world is not about to return to normal. With many months likely before an effective vaccine or treatment for Covid-19 will be available, governments and businesses, law firms included, need to identify a strategy for exiting the lockd...
Jo Ludlam, Julia Wilson - 12 June 2020
OSHA has included new guidance for employers to determine whether employees have hired COVID-19 on the work
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued new guidance that requires employers covered by OSHA's recordkeeping standards to determine whether employees have hired COVID-19 while on the job. To "provide certainty to employers and workers," beginning May 26, 2020, ...
TIL - 22 May 2020 United States of America

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