07 May 2021

Do you know all the benefits of working from home?


The consequences of teleworking have had a great impact on organizations, employees and the economy with their respective benefits

We have all experienced what it is like to work from home. In fact, although it is now possible to work from the office in many places, many law firms have chosen to continue to allow their lawyers to work remotely five working days a week.

Here are the benefits that have been most noticeable as a result of teleworking, as it has had a major impact on organisations, employees, the economy and habits.

- Balance between work and personal time

This is perhaps the most noticeable feature that telework has brought. Before the pandemic, lawyers spent long hours working in offices and had very little time in their day-to-day lives for personal leisure or socialising

With remote working this has changed completely and may be one of the most significant factors in reducing stress and increasing the wellbeing of the lawyers themselves.

- Elimination of commuting

Before the pandemic, all work was done in person, even though many law firms have digital tools that allow files and documents to be stored in the cloud

In other words, all lawyers used to come to the office every day, with all the travel logistics involved. 

As a result of the implementation of remote working, this eliminates the travel that sometimes caused stress for workers and took up a lot of time that can now be used by lawyers to rest or to work.

- More inclusion

With remote working came telematic hiring. This means that it is possible to hire a new lawyer who lives in a different city from where the office is located. This can be a great opportunity for law firms

- Cost savings

Many organisations have reconsidered whether it is worth renting a property on a permanent basis as many of their employees can work perfectly well from home. Over the last year, coworking offices or "hot desks" - offices designed for employee socialisation and specifically structured so that employees use them to meet, but not to work every day - have come back into fashion.

- Increased productivity

By eliminating time-wasting actions such as commuting to the office and professional meetings, coffee breaks and lunch breaks, many studies certify that working from home has increased productivity in many organisations. 

The lawyer has more time to do his or her work and is more comfortable in his or her workplace, which greatly enhances his or her concentration level.

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