How to deal with burnout at work
Burnout is a disease that affects everyone equally and is present in all sectors. Professional women suffer greatly from burnout and, according to a study conducted by McKinsey, 25% of women surveyed who are actively working are considering leaving or reducing their career.   Regardless o...
Editor - 19 April 2021
Typical mistakes when you suffer from burnout
When it comes to burnout, many lawyers treat it as a psychological illness and those who suffer from it hide this reality. Failure to recognise this illness, which is increasingly present in companies, can lead to a worsening of the illness. Here we summarise the most common mistakes lawyers make w...
Editor - 29 March 2021
Anti-burnout #2: Avoiding Covid Burnout
Feeling overloaded, out of control, or unrewarded? Or a bit out of touch with colleagues, sensing the unfairness of your situation, or being asked to do things that don't feel quite right? Welcome to Summer 2020 - worldwide lockdowns. None of us have been exempt from coronavirus and its effects. B...
Angus Lyon - 02 September 2020

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