How a law firm can attract new clients
Every single law firm need clients to exist. They are the main economic source of the office and, also, the ones who will bring an opportunity to the lawyers to show off their skills and talent in the cases or in the judge. Finding new customers is a complex task because it involves having to step o...
TIL - 17 March 2023
Neuromarketing helps law firms grow
Neuromarketing is the science that studies how the human brain responds to certain stimuli, such as messages, that are generated by advertising and marketing. This science is based on the idea that most consumer decisions are driven by the subconscious and emotions rather than by reason, i.e., they ...
TIL - 07 March 2023
Six tips for lawyers to separate work and personal life
Employment contracts stipulate the weekly working hours that lawyers have to work, however, this agreement is not always complied with and the professional ends up working more than necessary because he/she takes the tasks home. This fact has negative consequences for lawyers, who end up spending mo...
TIL - 24 February 2023
Retain human talent in your office
For law firms, and especially those with long-term clients and working on long-term projects, it is crucial to have lawyers who will put their full trust in the project over the years. Staff volatility is one of the worst travelling companions of a law firm. If the turnover of a company's human...
TIL - 23 February 2023
Advantages of having a community manager in the legal firm
Social media give a new vision of the world and they have changed the way we look at things. People show in them their daily routines, their leisure time, the food they eat, and even the opinions they have on certain issues. Consequently, social media help to form an idea of ​​what a person is l...
TIL - 15 February 2023
The increasement of the work commitment of the lawyers in your legal firm
  Workers committed to the company are loyal workers who will want to continue providing their professional services in your law firm even when the company is not going through a good time. Working in the labour commitment not only consists of ensuring that the lawyers' talent is retained in ...
TIL - 13 February 2023
Monetize your law firm's information with Business Intelligence
The advent of new technologies has made law firms have the need to be constantly evolving because the legal market and client requests are becoming more and more demanding. For law firms to be profitable and have business success, they need to incorporate digital tools that help them to be more comp...
TIL - 09 February 2023
The organization of a law firm begins with the organization of its agenda
When a building is constructed, the first thing that must be done are the plans to be able to locate the spaces and have a structure. In law offices the same thing happens, but in this case you do not need a plan, but an agenda to organize the tasks to be performed and follow an order when executing...
TIL - 08 February 2023
Tips to optimize office management
  Law firms are not perfect, there are problems in their organization. These incidents can be avoided if in-house management techniques are applied to improve the productivity of the office. Using tips management for lawyers involves putting into action innovative methods with the objective o...
TIL - 07 February 2023
Five work limits that need to be present during the workday
A good work atmosphere is fundamental in order to achieve the well-being of their workers. There are diverse characteristics that allows the development of the professional activity in a healthy atmosphere, specifically, between the relationship of the worker with the company. The professional con...
TIL - 06 February 2023
Advice guide: how a lawyer should act in a videoconference
  New technologies have made possible new ways and means of communication. Other form of communication is that which takes place over the Internet, specifically, that which involves the transmission of audio and video: videoconferencing. These streaming meetings imply that those attending a m...
TIL - 03 February 2023

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