08 May 2023

How to gain clients as a law firm

Not every client is going to be attracted to every single firm from the legal sector as they have their own personal taste, and they want a special treatment on their cases. It is important to know what kind of firm someone has or works on to provide and have the best method to transmit their services to the correct potential clients.

The legal sector is one of the most competitive ones so, for that reason, it is important to know how to gain new clients and maintain them as they will be one of the most relevant financial supports for the legal office. The standardized use of the new technologies has changed the way the market and economy work.

Nowadays, the lawyer doesn’t have to wait on their firm to a new customer to come as they have been recommended. In the world of the social media, the legal professionals have to compete to show off their services in order to gain clients as they are now on the virtual world and don’t have the necessity to go out in order to look for lawyers.


The first step in the previous act of trying to know what your type of client is to make a work strategy, in which the main goals are established in a realistic way and, also, get to know what the limitations of the economic and technological means are. For instance, an example of that could be to try to increase the online presence of the law firm or to build a brand regarding the office by the use of social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

The spanish lawyer, Delia Rodríguez, has stated that thanks to social networks her firm has achieved all corners and cities of Spain and, moreover, it is important to take care of the professional accounts as if they were a couple because if someone abandon it, the results will be negative.

Sometimes, even if it is an expensive thing to do in an initial phase, it will be rewarding. This is related to the advertisement of the firm in the mass media communication making a state of what are the practices and cases the legal office is used to deal with. People will know about it and, moreover, search for the services if they need legal advice in topics that are related to the specialization of the firm.

Furthermore, it is important to be good at marketing as its main goal is to make attractive and desirable the firm’s services and professionals. It will help to improve the SEO of the site in order to appear on the first places of the virtual search engines. This is made by the publication of articles that answer common questions regarding legal topics. Potential clients will read this type of information and, on most cases, create a positive though of the legal office in case they need, in a future, the services of a lawyer.

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