How to gain clients as a law firm
Not every client is going to be attracted to every single firm from the legal sector as they have their own personal taste, and they want a special treatment on their cases. It is important to know what kind of firm someone has or works on to provide and have the best method to transmit their servic...
TIL - 08 May 2023
Lawyers should know when to decline a client
A question many students and workers from the legal sector, especially the ones with less experience, have is if they can decline a client from acquiring their services. The answer is an affirmative one as an attorney can refuse to defend someone’s case.   Even if it is extremely weird ...
TIL - 05 May 2023
How to deal correctly with clients as a lawyer
Professionals of the legal sector have the obligation to communicate and establish formal relationships with their clients as they will be working on their problems, doubts or cases. As every single individual has its own personality and may feel insecure at the time they share their situation with ...
TIL - 03 May 2023
How to defend correctly a criminal as a lawyer
A question every lawyer has made themselves during their college years was how they should defend a person who is guilty from committing a crime in a proper way. Legal professionals are also afraid to defend someone who is pled blameable as they will have to confront in some cases the bad opinions o...
TIL - 28 April 2023
Legal design is the perfect tool to make law comprehensible
The aspect of the legal design is a relevant characteristic that every law firm needs to have in order to facilitate the knowledge about law issues to the general public and the rest of the professionals of the same sector.   Its main goal is to make law more interesting, easier to understand...
TIL - 14 April 2023
How to define the legal company’s personality
Every single business has missions to achieve and vision statements to accomplish. This are known as their values that provides to the company a personality or brand which will result in the principal idea that people are going to make about the legal firm. Moreover, this will also create a specific...
TIL - 04 April 2023
The power of oratory in the legal profession
Lawyers need to face in their career the challenge of doing well at public speaking which is an extremely difficult skill that is fundamental to practice in order to be successful at the profession. Moreover, the oratory is essential to discuss in the court with other legal colleagues, make proficie...
TIL - 03 April 2023
The keys to have the best law firm website design
Every professional sector needs to have presence in the online world. Nowadays, the virtual spaces are the ones to have priority among the choices of consulting services and products by potential customers. For that reason, it is important to have an intuitive and good design of the business website...
TIL - 31 March 2023
The matter of the humanization of the legal profession
The effects of the Covid -19 had in the population are still being suffered. It also provoked an acceleration of some socioeconomic factors that were taking small steps in the past such as the digital transformation, the technological advances and the social and political polarization. This aspects ...
TIL - 28 March 2023
The seven C’s of an effective legal communication
Communication is a key factor in the legal profession. Lawyers need to know how to transmit in an effective way their goals or objectives to their clients in order to be successful. It is important to keep in mind the seven C’s that should be in every legal activity that involves the act of co...
TIL - 21 March 2023
How artificial intelligence can write your demand documents
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important revolution in technology since its invention. It is the attempt to imitate human intelligence through software, designing systems that act as humans would. But artificial intelligence should not be confused with computer programs because they are n...
TIL - 28 February 2023
Retain human talent in your office
For law firms, and especially those with long-term clients and working on long-term projects, it is crucial to have lawyers who will put their full trust in the project over the years. Staff volatility is one of the worst travelling companions of a law firm. If the turnover of a company's human...
TIL - 23 February 2023
Factors that determine why clients choose a law firm
The legal profession has changed a lot in recent years, the disruption of new technologies in the legal sector, also known as LegalTech, has transformed the way lawyers work, and with it, offers of law firms have grown. But for a law firm to stand out in the market, it has to differentiate itself fr...
TIL - 21 February 2023
Why Should You Care About Growth Hacking?
--- Growth Hacking should be taken into account because it is the crossover of Value Marketing, Sales Enablement, Data & Technology as seen in the Venn diagram All Tech Businesses need to grow; it is their lifeblood. It keeps your investors happy, it drives your valuation, and maybe one day, y...
Filippo Chisari - 24 April 2022
Never lower your price - do this instead
We’ve all been there - we’ve had a really good scoping conversation with our client or prospect, where we’ve uncovered the main terms of the matter, we’ve told the client or prospect that we can do the work and we know they like us because they’ve laughed at all of our ...
Scott Simmons - 25 March 2022
Do you know the value of your services?
Before starting, have you had a chance to read my first article about what it takes to do effective business development? It starts with knowing your client. If you haven't, please do it. This is one of the first things I help my clients think about. If you have, then congratulations! Why? Because...
Dhawal Tank - 16 December 2021
The Key to a Successful Career: Don’t do what you love, do what you love to do for others
There’s a maxim you may have heard before, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” –or something to that effect. I guess this means I should be a professional ice cream eater or nap taker… Seriously though, I’ve bought into this concept...
Steve Fretzin - 14 December 2021
Post matter debriefs – the top five do’s and don’ts!
--- Petersen presents the five most important do's and don'ts in the debrief meeting Any opportunity to engage with your client beyond the day-to-day interaction is a bonus. Inviting your client to participate in a post matter debrief is an invaluable way to seek their feedback of fee earners/your...
Elizabeth Petersen - 03 December 2021
Building Business Relationships in a Virtual World
--- Initially this article examines the steps necessary to establish and build profitable business relationships, before going on to highlight the information missing and resultant disadvantages, when those relationships rely on virtual, rather than face-to-face communication. Finally, it then exam...
Nick Davies - 20 October 2021
Kanban Method: how to work in an agile, efficient way and satisfy your customer's needs (Part 2)
--- The second part of the original article Kanban Method: how to work in an agile, efficient way and meet your customer's needs is published   Applicability of the Kanban Method to the legal sector The Kanban Method has become exponentially popular thanks to its wide community of...
Lilian Mateu - 22 September 2021
Lawyers and new client communication technologies: a difficult relationship or a game changer?
--- The technological revolution has forced lawyers to update their way of communicating from traditional to digital media to attract millennial clients   The legal market abounds in years-old legends that lawyers are less than eager to adopt new technologies in their work. First, they refus...
Natalia Mituniewicz - 16 September 2021
What are the basics of good business development and how do they translate to a virtual world?
1. Remembering that business development is only part of the equation Business development is about creating relationships. These can be stand-alone; but the best business development makes the most of opportunities that have been created by the professional services firm’s marketing. Marketi...
Claire Rason - 17 August 2021
HSF launches programme to improve service to clients
Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) Australia has introduced an innovative graduate student programme designed for non-lawyers to enhance the skills of professional lawyers and encourage more students to engage with and understand the work behind the delivery of client services.  As a result of this...
Joe Goodman - 10 August 2021
You’re a trusted advisor, not a document drafter - start acting like one
Do you know what clients value most about your work? It’s the quality of the conversations they have with you. Don’t believe me? Think about the last time a client wrote a review of your work. Did it say: ‘They draft a document better than anyone I’ve ever known’? ...
Scott Simmons - 29 July 2021
Relationship marketing and professional services firms
--- Relationship marketing is the answer to the needs of customers and the way to optimize the performance and growth of professional services firms  Marketing is the art of giving clients what they what profitably. To be a successful marketeer you need to tap into the needs and wants of the ...
Claire Rason - 30 May 2021
How can heuristics get in the way with client feedback?
--- Heuristics are mental shortcuts; they are shortcuts created to help us make sense of the information that we receive and patterns that we perceive They help free up processing power in the brain. They are assumptions that we make to speed up decision making and they allow us to make judgements...
Claire Rason - 16 April 2021
How to build strong professional relationships
--- Working environment lawyers need to build strong relationships with their clients The network of contacts has to be treated with trust and it is important to be aware of who are the most and least contributing clients. Alternating between these two types of clients can be beneficial.  Th...
TIL - 02 April 2021
Top tips for getting professionals to engage in business development
--- Having professionals engaged in business development is the biggest driver to growth in professional services firms So, what are our top tips to encourage engagement? 1. Find out what people enjoy You might have a professional who is fantastic in-front of an audience, whilst another might fe...
Claire Rason - 04 March 2021
The importance of having a coaching culture in times of uncertainty
--- The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that firms are facing an ever-changing landscape and an uncertain future. The adoption of a coaching culture is not something that we should turn to when we are less busy and have greater certainty; it is powerful in enhancing effective delivery now. Building...
Claire Rason - 02 March 2021
How to create connection with your clients?
--- Have you ever had a challenge getting your point across, even when it was about something of critical import? Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to get people to listen? In conversations with lawyers in private practice and in-house counsel I frequently hear about the difficulties they ...
Eva Guerra - 23 February 2021
Today, the BUYER has the power, and the seller is at their mercy
For the avoidance of doubt, by seller in the topic above, I am referring to the company, your firm as an SME and not to the salesperson who is simply your representative. As businesses today we are at the mercy of the buyer and we have to recognise this if we are to dominate in the marketplace. ...
Brian Maphosa - 08 January 2021
The business development keepers of 2020
Yes, there really are some things that all professional services firms should keep in their marketing and business development plans from 2020.... No.1 - Listening 2020 was the year we listened.  For some this was true pre- 2020, but there seems to have been a universal acceptance this year ...
Claire Rason - 29 December 2020
In-house counsel now have efficient, cost-effective way to evaluate their law firms’ data security practices
The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) announced the formal launch of its new Data Steward Program (DSP) – the legal industry’s first and most comprehensive data security evaluation and accreditation program specifically designed for law firms and their corporate law department clien...
TIL - 18 December 2020
How can heuristics get in the way with client feedback?
Heuristics are mental shortcuts; they are shortcuts created to help us make sense of the information that we receive and patterns that we perceive. They help free up processing power in the brain. They are assumptions that we make to speed up decision making and they allow us to make judgements quic...
Claire Rason - 04 December 2020
"Most clients of law firms are keen to get true pieces of thought leadership and market intelligence"
Alvaro Navarro Sotillos, Editor in Chief of The Impact Lawyers Magazine, had the pleasure to conduct an email interview with Ben Paul. Ben Paul is the Director & Founder of The BD Ladder, a consultancy specialising in growing Legal and Professional Services firms. He has held senior BD and mark...
Álvaro Navarro - 24 November 2020

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