Top tips for getting professionals to engage in business development
Having professionals engaged in business development is the biggest driver to growth in professional services firms.  So, what are our top tips to encourage engagement? 1. Find out what people enjoy You might have a professional who is fantastic in-front of an audience, whilst another might ...
Claire Rason - 23 November 2020
Relationship marketing and professional services firms
Marketing is the art of giving clients what they what profitably. To be a successful marketeer you need to tap into the needs and wants of the client.  If you can address their pain points, then you add value.   When you distill marketing down to its most basic level you can see that...
Claire Rason - 11 November 2020
How can heuristics get in the way with client feedback?
Heuristics are mental shortcuts; they are shortcuts created to help us make sense of the information that we receive and patterns that we perceive. They help free up processing power in the brain. They are assumptions that we make to speed up decision making and they allow us to make judgements quic...
Claire Rason - 05 November 2020

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