04 April 2023

How to define the legal company’s personality

Every single business has missions to achieve and vision statements to accomplish. This are known as their values that provides to the company a personality or brand which will result in the principal idea that people are going to make about the legal firm. Moreover, this will also create a specific behavior that all employees are expected to have and transmit in order to achieve what the personality is trying to show.


Law firms will be very cautious with its values and brand so, for that reason, most offices hire workers according to their principles and if they are good choices fitting into the company’s identity. In addition, having a personality will differentiate from other competitors, bring uniqueness to the firm and, also, attract new potential clients that are moved by the company’s values and want its services or products.


The personality can be achieved by the personification which means giving human qualities to the office. This is going to create an impression in how people perceive your company based on its values and other qualities. According to a report made by Payman Taei in LinkedIn, it only takes five to seven impressions to start creating a firm’s personality and it will have seven seconds to generate a good first impression.


So, it is important to keep in mind some advice in order to be successful at defining the law firm’s identity.


Advice to define the personality


There are some questions that need to be answered previously in order to create the legal company’s personality. The most important ones are: Who are the potential clients? What are their desires? What are their characteristics and behaviors? And finally, Which role is going to play the legal firm in their lives? Once these questions have a response, the first steps are made and, now, the goal is to give qualities to the office’s personality. Some of them are:



One of the most important personality traits in the business world is the sincerity. In the legal sector, offices that have these qualities are going to transmit trust and reliability so that their customers can feel safe in all the process of their services. Furthermore, if honesty is the premise of the office it will have to accomplish their promises and the client’s expectations.


The passion of doing things correctly will also create a positive perception among the customers. Law firms that are passionate about their work will have a compromise to always make the ends meet and give the best of them to provide the best legal services taking care of every single detail during the process.


Friendliness is also one of the most relevant personality aspects that every business should have and, this is a characteristic which is more important in the legal sector. It is going to transmit a good working environment to the clients and that every single person is worried about the well-being of the others in order to work in a healthy and correct way.

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