How to define the legal company’s personality
Every single business has missions to achieve and vision statements to accomplish. This are known as their values that provides to the company a personality or brand which will result in the principal idea that people are going to make about the legal firm. Moreover, this will also create a specific...
TIL - 04 April 2023
Qualities that every good lawyer must have
Every profession needs a group of skills to be developed to be a great employee in your work field. As it has always been said practice makes the perfection so, following this advice, there are some qualities that every lawyer needs to work on if they want to achieve success. First of all, every pr...
TIL - 14 March 2023
How to spark creativity by brainstorming
--- Gambhir presents the steps to follow to carry out a good brainstorming and how to avoid a lack of inspiration by changing to a different vision If you are short of inspiration and new ideas, these tips can help you brainstorm and spark your creativity:   Try to rewrite the assignment fr...
Utkarsh Gambhir - 13 March 2022
4 steps to achieve creativity
--- Creativity can be achieved through 4 steps: explore the problem or challenge, make a list of ideas, set solutions, and finally act Many entrepreneurs or firm owners see the creative process as a random element that they have to deal with at some point during the week and often pay little atten...
TIL - 17 May 2021
5 minutes to a good idea
At our recent 48 Hour Lean Startup workshop I helped guide an optometrist with no idea what he wanted to work on to a gamechanging concept in under 5 minutes. How? --- What does your day look like? I see patients. What else do you do? Administrative tasks. How much time do you spend on these ...
Steve Glaveski - 24 December 2020

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