Three principal types of dispute resolution in the legal sector
The dispute resolution, which is also known as the dispute settlement, is a way of achieving a solution of a conflict or dispute without having the necessity to go to court or require a judge or trial that will decide what will be the outcome.   Some professions don’t need to deal with ...
TIL - 05 April 2023
Interview with Andrew Arruda, CEO/Cofounder of ROSS Intelligence: "The facts and the law are on our side" (Part II)
Regarding the latest developments in the dispute between Ross Intelligence and Thompson Reuters, we report the interview that The Impact Lawyers conducted with Ross Intelligence CEO Andrew Arruda: A day after Thomson Reuters and two other Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against ROSS Intelligenc...
Utkarsh Gambhir - 14 December 2020 United States of America
4 Stone Buildings publishes fourth edition of ‘Litigation in the Time of Covid-19′
Commercial chancery barristers 4 Stone Buildings has published the fourth edition of its free-to-download e-book entitled “Litigation in the Time of Covid-19: Legal issues in commerce, finance and insolvency” (you can find attached in this article). The e-book contains extensive analysi...
TIL - 05 August 2020 United Kingdom
How Thomson Reuters sued Ross Intelligence for theft of Propriety Data from Westlaw (Part I)
The US company Thomson Reuters, together with Centre GMBH and West Publishing Corporation, has filed a lawsuit against Ross Intelligence Inc. claiming that it has stolen and copied legal content stored on Westlaw, Thomson Reuters' legal search engine. Within the complaint (attached), filed on 6 May...
Álvaro Navarro - 01 July 2020 United States of America
With Global Court Backlogs, Parties May Turn to Arbitration to Resolve Pandemic-Related Disputes
The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting stay-at-home orders by government agencies have drastically impacted court proceedings in the United States and abroad, most notably in Europe. This impact will be magnified over the coming months, especially in courts that were already experiencing backlogs a...
Susan Leader, Josh A. Rubin - 04 June 2020

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