How to understand millennial lawyers?
--- Millennial lawyers face the worst job market in a long time and law firms must know how to work with them: build a team and recognition Digital transformation is changing the way law firms interact with their clients, visualise their brand or structure the work of their employees. What is larg...
TIL - 14 May 2021
Millennial lawyers’ management in the times of Covid-19
--- Now more than ever, law firms need to engage in digitalizing their practice. Work from home is no longer an option, but a reality that both big and small entities have to deal with. The challenge is on a double level, both as far as the team management and as far as serving our clients is conc...
Iga Kurowska - 24 January 2021
The Millennials' talents in law
The way of working is changing in law firms. The number of Millennials lawyers working in law firms is increasing. This is an important issue for the managers of the firms, as they have to satisfy the philosophy of the Millennials' work. JP Box tells you in his article "Millennials in the Law: A Ro...
TIL - 25 August 2020

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