24 January 2021

Millennial lawyers’ management in the times of Covid-19


Now more than ever, law firms need to engage in digitalizing their practice. Work from home is no longer an option, but a reality that both big and small entities have to deal with.

The challenge is on a double level, both as far as the team management and as far as serving our clients is concerned. How do one keep their millennial associates efficient and disciplined in the current situation? 

To start with, millennials can be very useful when elaborating the new law firm practices, either those regarding teamwork or proper legal work. They are the generation nearly born with certain IT skills and instincts; thus, their knowledge shall be used in order to enhance the transition into remote work. Therefore, they are usually the ones the most familiarized with LegalTech products available on the market. Consulting them on available tools and ways of their implementation can be veritably useful in the current shift we have to face. What else, such participative decision making would make them feel grateful, appreciated, and additionally, turn them into an additional motor for implementation, that can have a valuable impact among their peer collogues. 

The millennial generation usually seeks to have their voice heard and loves to see the immediate results of their work. In this case, as the situation in itself requires prompt reaction, it is a perfect occasion for them to contribute to tackling a realistic problem and achieving a meaningful goal. 


 As remote work allows for more flexibility, Millennial lawyers shall in general be content with the new accountability system based strictly on results (as the work time is no longer de facto measured). It is important for senior lawyers to understand, however, that the new circumstances require a lot of trust and even more flexibility than the remote work in normal circumstances. It also calls for more patience and empathy on both sides, as all of us dispose of different new working conditions and deal with the crisis in a different way. 

Being fond of innovation, new technologies and working with international, thus geographically distant clients, Verne Legal is happy to admit that the working methods practiced before the crisis allow them to function perfectly also in those special circumstances.

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