Media freedom has been achieved in South Africa and other legal news
Sweden   The last month a Quran was burned in the city of Stockholm which caused the fury of the Muslim population. The Swedish justice minister has stated that they might be considering a new protest law. In addition, they have added that this type of incidents targets the country as an enem...
TIL - 14 July 2023
Germany may legalize cannabis for recreational purposes and other legal news
India   Google sues India’s Competition Commission as the company is alleygating that in the Asian country they have a clear favoritism towards Amazon. The American business has stated that India is making changes to its business model in order to protect Amazon, one of the main rivals ...
TIL - 07 July 2023
South Koreans will become younger and other worldwide legal news
The weekly legal news around the world include the new legislation of South Korea that will reduce the population’s age or the protest in France due to the discomfort caused by the teen’s killing made by an officer.   South Korea   The Asian country has changed how it count...
TIL - 30 June 2023
Elected new Board of Directors of AODV231, Mara Chilosi confirmed as president
The AODV231 Shareholders' Meeting, held in Milan, elected the new Board of Directors for the next three years. Mara Chilosi confirmed as president and Andrea Milani as vice president. Treasurer: Silvio Necchi. The directors are Luca Antonetto, Umberto Caldarera, Ascensionato Raffaello Carnà, ...
TIL - 27 June 2023
Germany pass a new immigration law and other weekly legal news
Germany   The European country is going to pass an immigration reform law which guarantees the facilitation of foreign workers to come, work and stay in the country. Moreover, it gives more opportunities for those who are skilled non-EU professionals that want to work in Germany. This new nor...
TIL - 23 June 2023
Bill Cosby is accused for sexual assault and other international weekly news
United States   The actor Bill Cosby has been sued for sexual assault by nine women in the state of Nevada. The news were told by sources of the NBC News channel that told to the world that nine more women has accused the actor for sexual assault. Cosby was accused and found guilty in 2022 fo...
TIL - 16 June 2023
Welsh law consolidation project continues as new environment legislation becomes an Act
It is the first piece of consolidated legislation to be produced as part of the Welsh Government’s programme to reform Welsh law and make it more accessible. The Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2023 brings together the main pieces of legislation relating to Wales’ historic environment, ...
TIL - 15 June 2023
Japan is debating about redefining rape and Donald Trump is facing new legal issues
The most relevant weekly legal news around the world have been the Brazilian justice system which is creating difficulties to the Indigenous people, the legal problems that Donald Trump will have to face, the redefinition of rape by the Japanese court, the extended period of working time that Zimbab...
TIL - 09 June 2023
Guidelines of the European Data Protection Board inform about the processing of data concerning health for the purpose of scientific research in relation to COVID-19
The “Guidelines 03/2020 on the processing of data concerning health for the purpose of scientific research in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak” have been adopted by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) on April 21st 2020, with minor corrections made on April 30th.  The Gui...
Christine Fuessel - 05 May 2020

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