27 June 2023

Elected new Board of Directors of AODV231, Mara Chilosi confirmed as president

The AODV231 Shareholders' Meeting, held in Milan, elected the new Board of Directors for the next three years. Mara Chilosi confirmed as president and Andrea Milani as vice president. Treasurer: Silvio Necchi. The directors are Luca Antonetto, Umberto Caldarera, Ascensionato Raffaello Carnà, Mario Casellato, Diana D'Alterio, Marco Dell'Antonia, Ahmed Laroussi B., Maria Rosa Molino, Iole Anna Savini, Patrizia Tettamanzi, Gianluca Varraso, Roberto Villa.

The AODV231 Shareholders' Meeting also elected the new Board of Auditors for the next three years. Patrizia Paleologo Oriundi confirmed as president. Stefano Belandi and Luca Minetto were also chosen.

Active for 15 years, AODV231 is the Association that brings together professionals and company representatives who live first-hand the experience of the Supervisory Bodies (SB) foreseen by the Organization Models adopted on the basis of Legislative Decree No. 231/2001. There are more than 1,300 members.

Professional experience

Mara Chilosi, lawyer at the Supreme Court of the Milan Court, deals with environmental law and local public services of environmental importance, safety at work, the fight against corruption and corporate crime liability, providing, in these matters, advice and extrajudicial and judicial assistance in administrative and criminal matters. He has assisted in court several companies sued pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and is part of the supervisory bodies of major Italian and multinational companies. He is a member of the Observatory 231 of the Union of Criminal Chambers and co-director of the magazines Sistema 231 and Percorsi Penali. She is the author of numerous scientific publications in the most important legal journals.

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