30 June 2023

South Koreans will become younger and other worldwide legal news

The weekly legal news around the world include the new legislation of South Korea that will reduce the population’s age or the protest in France due to the discomfort caused by the teen’s killing made by an officer.


South Korea


The Asian country has changed how it counts citizen’s ages. This is due to the obsession with being young in South Korea as it has created mental problems regarding people’s aspect and conceptions of themselves.


In addition, new generations are showing their discomfort on this rule which make nonsense to them. A law has been approved in order to follow how the rest of the world counts age, but authorities has stated that this new norm doesn’t make anyone younger, it is only made to creating a sense of satisfaction among the population.


It is important to note that south Korean tradition has inducted in their population that when a baby is born, it is automatically one year old and, now, this is going to change.




A teen’s killing in the country by an officer has caused a national anger over the police power. A 17-year-old driver was shot by a policeman in Nanterre, France, as he refused to stop in a call made by the authority. The shot caused the death of the teen as he was scared because he didn’t have the driving license.


The French population has now been in protest burning objects in the street in order to show their discomfort with the current legislation that, for them, gives many powers to police. They are calling for a new change in the law and the proper punishment for the policeman.


United states


An ex-student from the USA has finally been sentenced to 16 to 40 years in prison due to the 2022 attack he provoked on a high school teacher. The young man will be serving sentence in the Nevada state prison as he has been found guilty by the court that was studying the case of the attempted murder of the boy to a female Las Vegas high school teacher.


The accused said sorry to everyone during court and specially to the teacher as he plead that was under asthma medication that had extremely hard side effects such as hallucinations and mood changes. But this has not convinced any part of the court which has decided to imprison the man for over 16 to 40 years.


United Kingdom


The sending of asylum-seekers to Rwanda has been stated as unlawful by a British court during this week. The country has decided that Rwanda is not consider a safe third country to send migrant as the arduous conditions of the country will cause again the scape from Rwanda which will lead to a risk in the life of the person.

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