The best new legal business models
Law firms, for a long time, have follow a traditional business model which was based on the concept of selling time or as its commonly known, the billable hour. The irruption of the standardized use of the new technology and a tightening market have thrown into crisis the traditional methods of the ...
TIL - 22 March 2023
Ever Given and Fragility of Shipping Routes Post 2020
--- Shipping is directly driven by global economic growth and the need to carry goods internationally Global economic growth directly influences international trade which in turn directly affects shipping and growth in seabourne trade volumes (which directly measures demand for shipping, port and ...
Philip Teoh - 27 March 2021
A guide to “delivery” under Incoterms® 2020: the four groups
In previous versions of the Incoterms®, the International Chamber of Commerce conveniently divided the rules into four groups or families: E, F, C and D, where E and D were complete opposites and F and C were “intermediate” terms. However, the 2010 edition changed the former standard...
Maria Otero Pando - 30 December 2020
Jones Day advised Framatome in its acquisition of the Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Instrumentation
Framatome, advised by Jones Day, has signed a sale purchase agreement with Rolls-Royce to acquire its Civil Nuclear Instrumentation and Control (I&C) business, which has operations principally in France, and to a lesser extent China. The transaction is expected to close at the beginning of the ...
TIL - 16 December 2020
Major Intra-Asian Free Trade Deal Finalized
Sunday, November 15 saw the signing of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in a virtual ceremony on the sidelines of the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit. China and 14 other countries have agreed to form the world’s largest free trade bloc, encompassi...
Philip Teoh - 16 November 2020

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