Is there a growing coaching culture in your law firm or company?
Abstract    In a coaching culture, in addition to enjoying the benefits of being coached, the skills of coaching can enhance the effectiveness of lawyers, leaders and managers and improve working relationships in professional and corporate environments.  Coaching has transitioned, in...
Chris Hadfield - 26 April 2022
Lack of motivation? 4 tips to motivate you at work
--- Lack of motivation at work is an aspect that can reduce work productivity, so it is important to follow some tips Have you lost motivation in your work? Many lawyers find themselves stuck in their day-to-day professional life not because of a lack of desire or qualities, but because of a lack...
Utkarsh Gambhir - 16 April 2022
5 Critical Tips to Creating Healthy Business Development Habits
I wish someone would explain to me why developing good habits isn’t taught in grade school or at any level in education. Wouldn’t this fix some of the systemic issues we have with underperforming kids (like I used to be)?   One of the best quotes I’ve read in years is by...
Steve Fretzin - 14 March 2022
Permanent Pausing Procrastination: Why You Procrastinate and How to Stop
“I work better under pressure.”  “I need a deadline to do my best work.” Who has said that to themselves?  I hate to break it to you, but it isn’t true. Here’s what actually happens when you procrastinate.  The brain is designed to seek pleasure...
Jennifer Deal - 12 March 2022
The Identity Economy for Lawyers
We no longer live in (just) a service economy. We live in an identity economy. Are you prepared for it? One lesson we keep coming back to with the hundreds of conversations we have is this: people buy on emotion, then justify with logic. People don’t just want great service from you. They w...
Dhawal Tank - 12 February 2022
Time to open the black box - making measurement routine
‘Coaching will remain a black box unless the behavior change and the ensuing benefits, including those to the bottom line, are tracked.’ (Whitmore, 2017) Coaching has had a hugely positive impact on individuals and organizations during the last decade. In the right context, it is a powe...
Jay Connolly - 17 January 2022
Cracking The Legal Dress Code: Image Coaching Tips for Lawyers
--- Correct legal clothing has positive consequences: it creates a good rapport of trust, respect and success Words have power, whether they’re spoken or written, but did you know that research shows that words make up a mere 7% of all face-to-face communication? According to researcher Albe...
Solita Roberts - 30 November 2021
How to Keep Your Legal Talent…and Mitigate the Risk of the Great Resignation
We’ve all heard about the Great Resignation by now, that post-COVID-19 adjustment where a substantial percentage of employees worldwide are expected to resign their current employers and find somewhere else to work. While not all countries will be affected in the same manner, or to the same ex...
Rachelle Hare - 18 November 2021
Lawyer wellbeing in crisis
A new report just published by the International Bar Association, the global voice of the legal profession, highlights a crisis in lawyer mental wellbeing.  Now it's official and undeniable.  There is a mental health crisis in the legal profession worldwide. A few days ago on 26th Octob...
Angus Lyon - 03 November 2021
Essential Guide: How to manage lawyer's mental health?
Mental health is a relevant factor affecting the professional life of lawyers. A manager or director of a law firm has to know how to analyse the motivation and health of his or her colleagues. The mood of any employee can seriously affect his or her work performance, which may not affect individual...
TIL - 01 October 2021
Executive Coaching With No Clear ROI and Impact is a Waste
--- Executive coaching has become a cornerstone of today’s leadership development no matter the industry   This is due to the realisation of an effective coaching exercise can be such a transformational process for both the individual leader, their team and the organisation as a whole....
Brian Maphosa - 27 August 2021
Coaching for lawyers - What are some of the benefits?
The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, initially believed that he did not need executive coaching. When he was advised to have a coach, his response was: "I don’t need a coach, I am an established CEO. Why would I need a coach? Is there something wrong with me?” Like Eric Schmidt, many...
Mônica Zionede Hall - 23 August 2021
The 4 keys to Creating a succesful Practice
--- Eva Guerra details the 4 keys to creating a successful practice: change the way of thinking, accepting to make mistakes, looking for new opportunities, and asking for support   1. Change the way you think The way you think creates your success. If you find yourself blaming other people ...
Eva Guerra - 27 June 2021
Perfectionism Lawyers syndrome: learn to detect it. The search for perfection is billed.
--- Eva Guerra, coach for lawyers, talks about a problem that haunts every lawyer: perfectionism. Is there the perfect world, the perfect couple, the perfect job? Almost everyone is clear about the answer: absolutely not. However, it is very common for us to wear ourselves out in search of somethi...
Eva Guerra - 06 June 2021
What does the value of integrity mean for you personally and for your Lawyers practice or Enterprise?
--- Eva Guerra explains the value of integrity for companies and how to promote it to generate trust among employees "A general definition of the value of integrity summarizes it as a person saying what they think". Let's move these deliberations to the business environment. Is an honest rational...
Eva Guerra - 01 June 2021
Discover the greatest energy thief and 4 tips to prevent it
--- Eva Guerra gives 4 tips to avoid energy thieves and an exercise as a spectator of your own life I'm sure you've heard of energy thieves more than once. They refer to those people or things that steal your energy and end up exhausting you mentally, emotionally and even physically. In fact, on ...
Eva Guerra - 11 May 2021
Sugar-coating feedback
--- We have all been there. We have something to say. We know that delivering the message will be of value to the client and to the professional. BUT something holds us back. We end up sugar coating feedback, which leads to miscommunication and the right actions not being taken   Why do we s...
Claire Rason - 31 March 2021
Coaching and professional services in law firms
--- Coaching is starting to become the norm in professional services firms, and it is no-longer just for partners. Other fee-earners and professionals are seeing the benefits, as well marketing, business development and other support teams What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? Me...
Claire Rason - 25 March 2021
How should a leader be in the legal world
--- Eva Guerra presents Ten Simple Actions to Create a Culture of Leadership 1. Show appreciation for those who take the initiative to take the lead Public recognition of a job well done is an extremely valuable resource. Not only does it help the person receiving the recognition to feel valued, ...
Eva Guerra - 12 March 2021
The importance of having a coaching culture in times of uncertainty
--- The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that firms are facing an ever-changing landscape and an uncertain future. The adoption of a coaching culture is not something that we should turn to when we are less busy and have greater certainty; it is powerful in enhancing effective delivery now. Building...
Claire Rason - 02 March 2021
Coaching in the legal profession: ICAM launches a support programme for its members
--- Have you ever felt depressed because of your professional life? Do you suffer from addiction as a result of the stress generated during your working day? Have you ever considered receiving psychological assistance? Coaching is an increasingly popular practice in the legal sector. Law firms hav...
TIL - 25 February 2021
How to create connection with your clients?
--- Have you ever had a challenge getting your point across, even when it was about something of critical import? Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to get people to listen? In conversations with lawyers in private practice and in-house counsel I frequently hear about the difficulties they ...
Eva Guerra - 23 February 2021
What kind of leadership do lawyers need?
--- Recent studies in the legal industry have shown that today's lawyer needs appropriate tools to validate his leadership within his practice or setting The success of the lawyer depends not only on the practice and his technical expertise, but also his skills as a leader to transform his practic...
Eva Guerra - 17 February 2021
The 10 Minute Decision to make the best decisions at work
--- Lawyers are hedging their bets and advising their clients to weigh what is being offered against the possibility of a WHOLE CLOTH finding that they were wrong Lawyers almost always come to me in the throes of a decision that they’re trying to make.  They’re super smart,...
Rachel Coll - 10 February 2021
Behavioural skills key for navigating the future
Only those firms with highly developed and resilient behavioural skills will be equipped to successfully navigate the challenges firms now face to adapt, survive, and thrive in this age of uncertainty.  That was the finding of Claire Rason and Oliver Hansard, two former City lawyers and now ac...
TIL - 21 December 2020
Short interview with Angela Han "A coach helps clarify purpose and accelerate the journey toward that purpose"
The Impact Lawyers interview Angela Han, expert health, physical and mental coach for lawyers. She hosts the Podcast serial "Fit to practice". 1. Which benefits can a coach bring to a lawyer? A coach helps clarify purpose and accelerate the journey toward that purpose. 2. Is there a growing conce...
Utkarsh Gambhir - 16 December 2020
The Lawyer’s Love Cycle
I was an overthinker at age 8. Seriously - I thought through the worst-case scenario of everything. As a child. A natural-born lawyer. So - it’s funny that I’m now a life coach for lawyers, because the law was my first love.   As an attorney, I gravitated toward litigation ...
Rachel Coll - 11 December 2020

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