01 October 2021

Essential Guide: How to manage lawyer's mental health?

Mental health is a relevant factor affecting the professional life of lawyers. A manager or director of a law firm has to know how to analyse the motivation and health of his or her colleagues. The mood of any employee can seriously affect his or her work performance, which may not affect individual and group work in the short term, but can be a concern for the long-term viability of a project

Managers need to know how to deal with human resources as well as with financial resources. The Impact Lawyers has therefore published this essential guide to help law firms manage the morale of their employees. To do so, we have consulted with several professionals specialised in coaching and mental health care for lawyers, providing the keys and many tips to take into account to avoid depression, anxiety and burnout in lawyers.

In this practical guide, we will hear advice from Claire Bibby, founder and director of Claire Bibby Pty Ltd, Kara Hardin, Director of Kara Hardin Mental Health Consulting, and Barbara de Eliseu, founder of Barbara Eliseu Coach, all of whom are specialists in advising lawyers on these issues. 


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