How to deal with burnout at work
Burnout is a disease that affects everyone equally and is present in all sectors. Professional women suffer greatly from burnout and, according to a study conducted by McKinsey, 25% of women surveyed who are actively working are considering leaving or reducing their career.   Regardless o...
Editor - 08 April 2021
Remote working: Tips for creating the best home office environment
The pandemic has transformed homes into just another office. Long hours spent indoors can take a toll on workers' morale and esteem. The onset of winter, coupled with the reduction of sunshine hours, can dampen our spirits.  Although the virus will persist and society will have to adjust to li...
Editor - 26 March 2021
Concentrate! Learn how to increase your ability to do it
There are more and more impediments that lawyers face in their day-to-day work. They have to deal with more and more multidisciplinary work, and social media and mobile phones are consuming more and more of our time. All of this undermines lawyers' concentration. There are techniques and practices ...
Editor - 16 March 2021
How to improve employee morale
Lawyer morale is a key determinant of productivity. If a negative atmosphere prevails in departments, it is quite normal for productivity levels to decrease. It is not always a salary increase that can reverse low employee morale. Lawyers are increasingly demanding better attention from managers or...
Editor - 11 March 2021
Lack of motivation? 4 tips to motivate you at work
Have you lost motivation in your work? Many lawyers find themselves stuck in their day-to-day professional life not because of a lack of desire or qualities, but because of a lack of motivation. Motivation is not an aspect that is easily achieved, as there are many factors that can limit or even el...
Editor - 03 March 2021
Burnout in your law firm? Discover the myths about it
Exhaustion at work and stress are among the main causes of burnout, a disease recognised by the World Health Organisation in 2019.  Apart from these, there are many reasons that lead to burnout in many professionals, especially in the legal profession, which is a sector that generates a lot of...
Editor - 22 February 2021
A lawyers in recovery: Changing the narrative
Someone once told me to be very careful about disclosing that I am in recovery. The phrase he used was cute but ominous: “you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.” I’ve chewed on that now for two years. It makes sense to me that many people cannot speak openly about m...
Jessie Gomberg - 21 February 2021
If you are a lawyer, you should be aware that judges can be stressed
A survey conducted by the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Attorneys' Assistance Programs shows the clear symptoms of depression faced by countless judges in the United States.  This survey has involved over 1,000 judges and was conducted before the arrival of the pandemic. Accord...
Adelie Cordier - 11 January 2021
Lawyers: How to disconnect from work
In many cases the profession of lawyer is stressful and produces a lot of fatigue for the professional himself. To perform at your best in the office you need to know how to turn off your mind and be able to relax for just the right amount of time.  Chronic stress can cause psychological probl...
Editor - 09 September 2020
A Global Mental Health Survey for lawyers and law firms
At the beginning of July, the International Bar Association (IBA) announced a survey of legal professionals. Through the Global Mental Health Survey, the IBA wants to collect data on the mental health of legal professionals. Initially, this initiative is projected in two surveys. The first is aimed...
Editor - 01 August 2020
Emergency changes to the Mental Health Act in the UK Coronavirus Act 2020
Facing the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of affected persons as well as mental health care providers, emergency changes have been made to the MHA (Mental Health Act, in the Coronavirus Act 2020), with the intention to reduce the number of psychiatric professionals required to complete the ...
Christine Fuessel - 04 June 2020 United Kingdom
New Art Award partnership for Clyde & Co with mental health charity Perspective Project
On the 18th of May 2020, international law firm Clyde & Co has announced a new partnership for its annual Art Award programme in the UK that is part of the firm´s global corporate responsibility work. The new Art Award partner is Perspective Project, a charity which approaches mental healt...
Christine Fuessel - 18 May 2020

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