26 March 2021

Remote working: Tips for creating the best home office environment


The pandemic has transformed homes into just another office. Long hours spent indoors can take a toll on workers' morale and esteem. The onset of winter, coupled with the reduction of sunshine hours, can dampen our spirits

Although the virus will persist and society will have to adjust to living with it, many people's mental health has been affected. And many lawyers will continue to work in isolation from home, so they have to adapt their homes to make it comfortable for them to live and work in the same room.

They have to be concerned with the so-called "wellness architecture", an architectural design trend that seeks first and foremost the well-being of the people living together in a home.

Here are some tips on how to make your home office a comfortable office:

- Improve lighting

Fluorescent lights have been shown to increase stress. The shade of light is also very important. Cooler lighting can have a greater effect on well-being than warmer lighting. However, it is best to work in as much natural light as possible. 

- Healthy environment

The room in which the office is located should provide for the employee's own self-care. It has to leave space for a comfortable place to work, but it also has to provide a space where the worker can rest without having a screen in front of him or her; or a space where the worker can do sport. 

- Relaxed atmosphere

Rooms that are overloaded with furniture can create stress for the worker. The office space should be spacious, and it is recommended that no furniture is placed in front of the window, as this would limit the lighting in the room. The materials of the curtains, carpets, or even the sheets cannot be heavy, as they could help to overload the atmosphere inside the room. 

There are multiple ways to turn your room into an office that will help you be more productive, less distracting and help improve your mental health, as you will be spending many hours a day locked inside

No one knows better than the worker how to best design their home office.

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