Expand your career with the ACC-King’s College London Mini-MBA program
Looking for a way to improve your skills, grow your knowledge and take your career to the next level? The 2022 ACC/King’s Business School Mini-MBA course for in-house lawyers will introduce participants to the essential business skills required to succeed in today's competitive corporate legal...
TIL - 18 April 2022
Global Competencies for leaders a Sure Winner
Over the years I have worked with high performers and high potential leaders to take them to the next levels of their leadership. I however must admit that the COVID 19 epidemic came with so many unexpected dimensions to it and caught several leaders ill prepared. It exacerbated the business terrain...
Brian Maphosa - 21 January 2022
The multitasking lawyer: myth or reality?
--- The legal sector is increasingly demanding the presence of "multitasking" lawyers. Moreover, there is a demand for these tasks to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible Just as a professional who is able to perform several different tasks at the same time in the same day, t...
TIL - 01 November 2021
The importance of legal writing – contentious matters
--- Strong Legal writing skills are a must not only in Ukraine, but also worldwide The importance of legal writing for experts practicing law cannot be underestimated, especially in Ukraine.  In Ukraine, legal writing has historically never been included as a specifically designed course in ...
Olga Shenk - 02 September 2021
Efficiency in law firms: Is it so difficult to achieve?
--- Efficiency in law firms can be achieved with the reduction of administrative burden, schedule flexibility, or the correct coordination between different departments Efficiency, that element dreamed of by lawyers (and also desired by the management of all law firms). Efficiency usually means th...
Joe Goodman - 15 June 2021
Chargeable hours are killing your ability to cross-sell - here's why
--- Anyone who knows me, or has read my posts on LinkedIn, knows how much I despise chargeable hours. Having practiced law for a number of years, I saw, and continue to see, first hand the damage it does from top to bottom in a law firm. I could write about the waste it creates - that write-offs ...
Scott Simmons - 15 June 2021

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