BigLaw’s Big Changes
Vast, global law firms, with upwards of 1000 partners and thousands of staff in cities around the world, have been a feature of the legal scene for years. After a tough global recession in 2008, these businesses bounced back, continuing to expand, acquire or partner with firms in every corner of the...
Duncan Weston - 10 November 2020
How lawyers are adapting to the new era
The legal professional of today needs to be able to be in constant learning and transformation according to the trends and the market, just studying the law and practicing it is not enough when the millennials are enrolling for master's and learning other languages. Toni Jaeger-Fine explains to us ...
Editor - 13 August 2020
Successful webinar broadcasted by The Impact Lawyers: "Personalizing Innovation for Lawyers Today"
The Impact Lawyers broadcasted last Thursday a webinar presented by Lucy Bassli on the following topic: "Personalizing Innovation for Lawyers Today". You can watch the entire video here: Lucy addressed this interesting topic for 45 minutes. This webinar was attended by hundreds of lawyers from diff...
Editor - 27 July 2020
Almost half of legal practitioners are concerned about the future of their profession
Nearly a half of international lawyers do not expect a bright future for their profession, a quarter of them are concern due to the impact of digitalization and the implementation of artificial intelligence and technology in the legal sector, according to the results published by The Mosaic Mood Ind...
Editor - 14 July 2020

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