25 April 2023

The future of lawyers is being threaten by the ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the name given to a chatbot that is becoming a well-known tool and a social media sensation due to its advantages that offers in the creation of essays, the explanation of complex topics and even write popular songs. Even if its outcome may result positive it is a potential and big thread to every single profession, including the legal one. This can be tough because it is an artificial intelligence (AI) the one that decides on legal procedures and cases which may be unfair as it is a machine and not a human.

The bot is putting into an important and big risk the job of the actual lawyers as it studies and processes huge amount of data and information in seconds being able to create important drafts or reports. This is because the GPT uses machine-learning algorithms in order to analyze massive loads of information from basic sources such as articles or books to even specialist legal sources.

The business futurist and strategist, Morris Misel, has stated that legal graduates and researchers are the first occupations from the legal sector that are going to be fired due to the fast way the legal chatbots will do their tasks. However, he also cites that this is not new in the profession as the standardized use of the new technologies have been encroaching the legal industry and replacing human jobs for a long time ago.

How to stand out

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But lawyers need to stay calm as a new issue is being discussed in the use of the bot, the battle between wisdom and knowledge. It is a universal truth that the use of this new tool will provide to the company’s boss a lot of economic advantages as it will lower the costs as the chat provides an automatization of the services and makes unnecessary the need of human input in some jobs, specifically in simple and initial tasks.

Being a good legal professional is more than being able to create texts that are generated by a clever predictive algorithm. In addition, knowing a lot of things is not that useful as a person who has developed the ability to think critically and creatively about a customer’s case. Also, chatbot doesn’t have empathize with the clients and, even if it applies the information in its database, it can lead to unfair results as is not a human evaluating every aspect of the case.

The new reality that is taking place right now gives the opportunity to lawyers and legal grads to stand out from the chatbot and try to take advantage of some aspects that the technology will not have never, the emotions and empathy.

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