The Blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies: NFT's
The technological world and the adoption of new disruptive technologies has had a huge impact on the way we relate to each other, and of course, in almost all spheres of our lives. Recently these developments have revolutionised the art or collectibles sector through NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, a t...
Nicolás Junco Villamizar - 14 May 2021
Technology Certification: Competency = Competitive Advantage
For all its upheaval, the pandemic has had a few benefits, like exposing the actual state of technology competence in the legal industry. While professional guidelines like the Solicitors Regulatory Authority’s Statement of Solicitor Competence, the American Bar Association’s Model Rules...
Joanne Humber - 14 May 2021
Law students as agents of change
If we want to speed up technology adoption in the legal industry, then we have to start preparing the potential users of legaltech at the earliest possible point – law schools. There are a million reasons and excuses why the legal industry is slow at embracing technology to become more efficie...
Holger Zscheyge - 13 May 2021
When Is Legal Tech Not Legal Tech?
When we think of legal technology, we think about tools that contribute directly to production of the work product of a lawyer. Some of these tools may be “general purpose”, such as Word for creating documents, or Outlook for sending and receiving email. Others are practice-specific tool...
Joy Heath Rush - 12 May 2021
NFTs - what is the fuss about?
NFTs or non-fungible tokens seems to be a very popular topic this year. Did you hear about that 69.3-million-dollar sale? The term "NFTs" has been all over the news lately. Attention is not drawn only because of the huge amount of the transaction. If you're not sure what an NFTs – or non-fungi...
Anete Garoza - 02 May 2021
Is technology competence a risk issue?
Will your clients be asking you to prove your lawyers are tech savvy? It has been an extraordinary year with some noticeable increases in many law firms’ profits, more mergers and acquisitions, growing corporate legal departments and, of course, the shift to remote working and the new technol...
Joanne Humber - 30 April 2021
Discover the programme launched by Hogan Lovells to boost FinTech companies
FinTech is a term that is becoming fashionable among major players in the legal sector. Among the law firms most committed to FinTech is Hogan Lovells, which is leading its Global FinTech Mentor and Momentum programme for 2021-2022. The application period for this programme is now open and interest...
Editor - 20 April 2021
Why Should You Care About Growth Hacking?
All Tech Businesses need to grow; it is their lifeblood. It keeps your investors happy, it drives your valuation, and maybe one day, you will achieve a successful exit. As we all know, 90% of startups do not make it past their initial runway, primarily due to a failed commercial strategy and executi...
Chris Chamberlain, Filippo Chisari - 15 April 2021
RegTech: Innovation powered by Gadens and Lawcadia
Innovation within the legal sector is exemplified by a number of initiatives driven by law firms. In Australia, law firm Gadens has launched RegTech, an innovative online platform based primarily on a reporting system for potential regulatory non-compliance issues that will assist Australian financi...
Editor - 15 April 2021
Chatbots - Legal friendly?
Nowadays, it is difficult to determine whether a natural person or Chatbot is talking to a customer on a Company's website. And not without a reason.  Companies around the world are looking for ways to improve their customer service culture and Chatbots seems to be an integral part of it. If yo...
Anete Garoza - 08 April 2021
Webinar (April 8th): "Challenges and possible synergies between young lawyers' associations"
The Impact Lawyers is pleased to invite you to the next webinar that will take place on Thursday April 8th at 11.00 AM Eastern Time / 09.00 AM Pacific Time / 5 PM London Time, on the following topic: "Challenges and possible synergies between young lawyers' associations". CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO ...
Editor - 08 April 2021
Legaltech: 5 first pioneers to join Lawtech Sandbox Pilot
The Lawteck UK platform has announced the startups ClauseMatch, Amplified Global, Clause, Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab and Legal Utopia as the first pioneers to join The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot project. The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will provide these 5 startups with three months of advice to deliver...
William Brown - 10 December 2020 A platform with over 4,900 pioneers in the legal sector. Why join this platform?
We could attract more talent to help build better technology than in the last decade. And we hope these pioneers start on TLDR: Despite a decade with thousands of companies with billions in capital, we failed to bring meaningful change to the process of law. No matter the reasons,...
Raymond Blijd - 27 October 2020
"One of the problems with legal technology adoption in the legal industry is that every law firm have different requirements in terms of functionality, systems integrations"
Alvaro Navarro Sotillos, Editor in chief of The Impact Lawyers Magazine, had the pleasure to conduct a message interview with Warwick Walsh, CEO & founder of Lawcadia, a thriving Australian legal technology company, Lawcadia has a complete intake, matter, RFP, collaboration and spend management ...
Álvaro Navarro - 26 October 2020
The new legal department launched by KPMG
As General Counsel and in-house legal teams contend with the increasing pressures facing their organizations in the wake of COVID-19, there is an urgent need to rethink delivery models and transform legal function operations. While the move to digitize and automate the legal function was already und...
Editor - 15 October 2020
How can the artificial intelligence system help lawyers?
More and more Artificial Intelligence is spreading to all fields of legal practice, AI came to stay in the legal world and Luminance is a clear representation of it. Concept of your software Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. Founded by mathematicia...
Editor - 13 July 2020
Legal AI platform INTELLLEX collects $2.1 million funding to modernise Knowledge-Based market
INTELLLEX artificial intelligence knowledge management legal platform has completed a $2.1 million funding round. The round was led by Quest Ventures, with the participation of Thomson Reuters, Insignia Ventures, K3 Ventures and a venture capital fund backed by the government of Singapore. Other ear...
Editor - 04 June 2020
Mayer Brown expands projects group with double partner hire in London
Mayer Brown today announced that two projects lawyers, Kirsti Massie and Meredith Campanale, have been recruited as partners in the firm's global Banking & Finance practice in London. Both lawyers will join the firm from White & Case.  "The recruitment of Kirsti and Meredith marks an i...
Editor - 11 February 2020

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