20 April 2023

Strategies that legal tech can use to optimize hybrid workplaces


The pandemic caused by the virus of the Covid-19 has affected the way all professional sectors operate. It has made, to some jobs, change their way of working and, specifically, has created a transition from the office to the house with the help of the new technologies. Many workplaces, including the legal sector, has implemented this type of work because of their positive aspects and advantages such as the increasement of productivity, health, job satisfaction and a better balance between work and private life.

Law firms are still adjusting to some features of the post-pandemic workplace characteristics so, bosses from the legal sector need to make important decisions regarding future work styles. A percentage of the offices will go back to the in-person mode, but many others will choose a hybrid o full-time from home type. A report made by Accenture’s Future of Work Study has stated that the 83% of the lawyers interviewed preferred a hybrid model that gives them the opportunity to work in a remotely way some days of the week.

The hybrid working method needs legal technological optimizations in order to provide law employees the best services so that they can do their job without any problem. In addition, this will also give a great communicating space to every single legal professional. The only thing that is required to do it correctly is the use of legal project management (LPM) solutions.

Strategies to achieve it

Foto gratuita sonriente mujer de negocios creativa escuchando música con auriculares mientras trabaja en una computadora en la oficina

In order to make employees feel valued by the law firm it is important to make a virtual onboarding process that is characterized by its effectiveness. This will create a sense of inclusion among the new workers that are starting their careers in the office. Furthermore, if this process it is automatized, it will reduce the time spent doing onboarding tasks that is going to give more time to do other jobs that are more relevant.

Another legal tech that will help optimize hybrid workplaces is the use of the most secure and efficient tools to provide potential customers information about every service they want to know about. This will make the firm have a positive image of their brand as it shows that they are open to the communication activity and that the themes that are being talked will always be secure. Also, clients will be happier and willing to repeat on the office’s services if the lawyers communicate in an active way.

If any firm keeps in mind these aspects, they will increase their value, improve the services for their customers, keep their workers happy and, most important, have their hybrid workplace optimize in a correct way.



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