10 January 2023

Legal services in the technological age develop through virtual offices

The digital era has revealed a transformation in all sectors of life, but mainly in the way people communicate. Communication was born as a need for people to transmit messages and understand them, but the media have evolved, and with them, new forms of communication and human interaction have emerged.

Nowdays, internet is the most way by promote the human and work relacionships. Many professions have developed by Internet. They managing their services and dealing with clients virtually, including the legal professions.

Creating a virtual law firm is one of the best strategies that the legal sector can bet on today to expand its business, broaden the action market by attracting new clients, increase the company's income and achieve a benchmark position as Innovative legal firm that offers services on Internet.

A virtual office is the online version of traditional law offices, but with the difference that it is not necessary to have a specific physical place to work or for meetings between the members of the office or lawyers with clients, And of course, there is no need to have a physical space in which to store documents.

In order to transform the practice of law into the online environment and develop a virtual law firm, a series of guidelines must be followed in an organized manner so that the result obtained in the digitalization process of legal services can report maximum benefits to the company. 

Strategic vision

The first thing that you should do is define the objectives and organizethe strategies to follow for get the objectives. You have to be clear about what services you want to offer, what your strengths are and what your firm has that sets it apart from the competition. From there, you will be able to give solutions to all the questions that you have raised at the beginning and know what tools you need in the digitization process.

Resource get

One of the advantages offered by the creation of a virtual law firm is that it does not require as many requirements as if you did it physically. When you have defined the business strategies, the next step acquiring the necessary resources to start up the legal services. You should get a necessary technological infrastructure is summarized in a technological device, a web camera, having a fast internet connection and content management software.

Website design

Creating a good website for your office is basic, as well as creating profiles on different social networks and feeding them with original and quality content. You will have to create a virtual office, that is, a space that functions as the center of your network.

To do this, you must have a business card from the entity, information about its values, the services it offers, the professionals who work in the office, as well as an online appointment system or virtual assistants. Try to make the web design easy and intuitive for customers who browse the page and incorporate all the tools that you think will improve their digital experience.

Migration of documents to the cloud

When an online office is created, all the procedures, both documents and relationships between people, will take place virtually, so it is essential to implement management software to migrate information to the cloud. Once the software is installed, the next step is to digitize the documents for their management, the client files, the data of the firm's professionals and their agendas, accounting and billing.


With professional office management software in the cloud, you can access everything. The digitization is necessary because it will allow you to work from anywhere and at any time, as well as manage all judicial and extrajudicial aspects of the virtual office.

Promote your office

Making your virtual office known, attracting and retaining clients is key to achieving professional success. There are numerous innovative marketing tools to give visibility to your office online, improve your SEO positioning or access advertising, both paid and free, on social networks. Social networks will be allies in this sense, since the vast majority of the population has a profile on one of them and having an adequate advertising campaign will have an impact, or rather, it will reach potential customers.

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