03 March 2023

Technology companies that are revolutionizing the legal system

The development of technology in the legal sector has grown a lot in recent years, so much so that it has transformed the legal system itself to make justice accessible to as many people as possible, although fortunately, robots and artificial intelligence cannot yet replace lawyers as advocates in court.

The Impact Lawyers has provided coverage on numerous occasions on topics related to legal technology or legaltech, explaining how the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, teleoperations and more applications help increase the efficiency of legal services while reducing costs and delays.

Getting technology incorporated into the legal sector is possible because there are companies that specialize in designing tools that benefit law firms and clients. An article published by Tech EU magazine has unveiled the seven legal technology startups that are transforming the legal system to make services more accessible:

1.    Lawyers365 (United Kingdom)

Lawyers365 is a virtual legal advice platform that gives clients the opportunity to access, from a technological device, to contact experts for free legal information services, schedule appointments with lawyers and download editable legal document templates. The app's services, including video calls with expert attorneys, are available any time of day, seven days a week. In addition, the app has an artificial intelligence assistant to answer basic questions.

On the other hand, Lawyers365 is also a growth tool for legal services firms because lawyers can connect with potential clients seeking legal advice, thus, the law firm will have the possibility to advertise itself as a business and attract clients.


2.    Avokaado (Estonia)

Law firms work with a large volume of contracts on a daily basis, a complex and time-consuming task, but thanks to this tool, the entire law firm can automate, negotiate, sign and manage contracts. Avokaado has the ability to draft very complex documents up to 98% faster than manually.

This company has developed automated templates so that lawyers do not waste valuable time drafting contracts.  In addition, one of the advantages of this Legaltech tool is that all documents will be collected in a private and secure workspace in the cloud, within reach of the firm's employees and clients.


3.    Chi Odia Paga (Italy)

The rapid evolution of technology and its misuse has led to a problem: cybercrime. There are many people and companies that daily suffer the extraction of personal data on the web. In some countries, such as Italy, if criminal digital behaviors such as online hate are prosecuted, they can lead to fines and even prison sentences. 

Chi Hate Pay has created a platform so that those who have been victims of behaviors such as stalking, vindictive pornography, defamation and threats, can have a fast and effective digital service that guarantees them justice and adequate compensation.


4.    Esperoto (Sweden)

The startup Eperoto has developed a software tool to ease the financial and emotional challenges suffered by parties involved in legal disputes. This tool makes a structured analysis of possible courses of action and makes rational and informed decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of each case.


5.    DeepJudge AG (Switzerland)

This ETH Zurich spin-off company focuses on contextual understanding and processing of legal documents. Law firms work with hundreds of documents per case, a difficult and time-consuming task, which is why DeepJudge's technology combines deep learning and natural language processing to simplify this complex task for lawyers.

DeepJudge has revolutionized legal research by leveraging a firm's collective knowledge through intelligent semantic search: it highlights important information from documents, generates templates, compares documents, etc., to facilitate the search of the data collected in all documents and create new complete documents needed by the lawyer in each case.


6.    Uncover (Netherlands)

This legal technology company has developed AI-powered litigation case management software with the goal of freeing lawyers from tasks, such as reviewing documents, so that legal professionals can devote more resources to resolving litigation. Uncover provides automated tools to structure, manage and analyze documents in case files.


7.    Conny (Germany)


Conny has created a technology platform to help consumers make the process of making legal claims against large corporations easy and fast. The application gives them the opportunity to find out if their rent is above market value, to return a bond, to claim an illegal dismissal, etc. The software checks the possible claims that customers can make and what the chances of success of these solutions will be.

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