Survey from ACC and Major, Lindsey & Africa Shows that Median Total Legal Spend Increased
The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA) have today announced the release of their industry-leading annual legal benchmarking survey. The fourth report as a result of this partnership found that total legal spend for all companies increased from $2.4 million l...
TIL - 26 June 2023
Bill Cosby is accused for sexual assault and other international weekly news
United States   The actor Bill Cosby has been sued for sexual assault by nine women in the state of Nevada. The news were told by sources of the NBC News channel that told to the world that nine more women has accused the actor for sexual assault. Cosby was accused and found guilty in 2022 fo...
TIL - 16 June 2023
Association of Corporate Counsel and Exterro Report Shows Legal Technology Is a “Must-Have” for In-House Legal Departments
The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), in partnership with Exterro, the exclusive ACC Alliance Partner for e-discovery, data privacy and cybersecurity compliance, today released the "2023 Legal Technology Report for In-house Professionals." This innovative report provides key findings on legal ...
TIL - 14 June 2023
The most important weekly legal world news
There have been some really important issues during this week regarding the LGBT rights in some countries and, also, France has made a really drastic decision by banning short-domestic flights in order to prevent the negative aspects of the climate change.   South Korea   One of the mo...
TIL - 02 June 2023
The latest legal news from around the world
The legal system around the world is constantly changing its norms and legislation which not only affects to the native population as foreigners can suffer the benefits or the negative aspects of that specific country. England England has approved a new ID law that has denied the vote of more than...
TIL - 26 May 2023
Legal strategies that companies use to succeed
The actual socioeconomic situation is going through a very complex time as the effects of the pandemic of the Covid-19 and the consequences of the Ukraine war has caused a global recession in every professional sector. Companies need to deal with higher costs of production, lack of resources and the...
TIL - 26 April 2023
How to write a legal brief?
The legal profession includes a lot of different tasks that needs to be learn in order to become a relevant personality in the sector and also build a personal brand. One of the simplest but that many lawyers continue to do wrong is the writing of legal briefs which are one of the most important pie...
TIL - 19 April 2023
Latin legal terms every lawyer should know
Every lawyer or professional of the legal sector has studied during their academic years a lot of Latin idioms in order to communicate in a correct and corporate way during the performance of their job. Some terms are difficult to comprehend and memorize and, over the time, many Latinisms will be fo...
TIL - 13 April 2023
Seven tips that every lawyer going solo need to know
Many professionals of the legal sector prefer to focus their career in the solo practice. It is an extremely complex task due to the competition of the business and the difficulty of attracting new clients, but if it is made in the correct way, it will be an incredibly rewarding experience that will...
TIL - 23 March 2023
The seven C’s of an effective legal communication
Communication is a key factor in the legal profession. Lawyers need to know how to transmit in an effective way their goals or objectives to their clients in order to be successful. It is important to keep in mind the seven C’s that should be in every legal activity that involves the act of co...
TIL - 21 March 2023
Technology companies that are revolutionizing the legal system
The development of technology in the legal sector has grown a lot in recent years, so much so that it has transformed the legal system itself to make justice accessible to as many people as possible, although fortunately, robots and artificial intelligence cannot yet replace lawyers as advocates in ...
TIL - 03 March 2023
The criminal justice reform that Joe Biden promised to carry out
The Democratic Party's presidential candidate, and possible next president of the United States, Joe Biden, placed emphasis during the campaign on reforming the country's criminal justice system. Specifically, Biden's campaign website contains the main changes that he would like to make from the pr...
Álvaro Navarro - 06 November 2020 United States of America
Amanda Pinto QC responds to The Impact Lawyers in regards to the effects of Covid-19 on the justice system in the UK
Amanda Pinto was appointed as Queen’s Counsel in 2006, elected as Chair of the Bar of England and Wales in 2020 and was Chair of the International Committee of the Bar Council 2015-2018. Despite of her undoubtedly busy schedule during the current Covid-19 crisis, she kindly took the time to re...
Christine Fuessel - 12 June 2020 United Kingdom

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