Tips for lawyers to manage their time correctly
  The professionals from the legal sector are exposed to an extremely stressful workplace in which they suffer the consequences of having to work with tight deadlines, the creation of complex reports, meetings and trying to have the best perspectives on their client’s cases. These kinds...
TIL - 09 May 2023
Latest protocols to streamline the management of your law firm
If one thing is clear, it is that times have changed, the circumstances have changed, as Ortega y Gasset would say. For this reason, a profession as old but necessary as the legal one must be adapted and modernized as much as possible, if it intends not to lag behind the demands of the current panor...
TIL - 10 May 2022
Telework or face-to-face work? Pros and cons
--- With the arrival of the pandemic, law firms have had to update their way of working and adopt teleworking taking into account its pros and cons The distribution of human capital and workforce is a fact that is affecting hundreds of companies today. Law firms are no exception. The legal sector ...
TIL - 17 May 2021
How not to waste your free time at work
--- In law firms, it is very common to face long working hours, and some of them are not used for work, but to wait for the review of a contract, for example That is why it is vital to know how to make the most of your free time. Here are some useful tips: - Strengthen professional relationships ...
TIL - 25 March 2021
Achieving big projects through small tasks - how do you do it?
--- Many lawyers are faced with a huge amount of work every day, and much of it ends up being completed at the last minute, or perhaps later than expected The question that comes to mind is: what are the constraints that cause us not to finish the work on time? When planning a project strategy, t...
TIL - 19 February 2021
Top 4 Tips for Building Resiliency Into Your Law Firm in 2021
--- The key to a prosperous year in the face of uncertainty is to ensure that your firm has the technology and processes in place that will enable firm employees to handle all essential functions remotely  We’ve finally left 2020 behind us and we are in a new year – and hopefully ...
Nicole Black - 04 February 2021

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