10 May 2022

Latest protocols to streamline the management of your law firm

If one thing is clear, it is that times have changed, the circumstances have changed, as Ortega y Gasset would say. For this reason, a profession as old but necessary as the legal one must be adapted and modernized as much as possible, if it intends not to lag behind the demands of the current panorama. We start from the basis of digitization, which puts an end to the traditional office and opens a new world of tools, technologies and even clients.


Streamlining the management of your office is very easy today. First, we are about to recognize four steps to take into account to carry out a successful transformation in search of efficiency; answering the questions of what has changed, what should we change, how and at what price, and finally, the issue of security, which is gaining more and more relevance.


Indeed, everything revolves around the internet, adapt or die as Darwin stated in his theory of evolution. It is a fact that this platform has become the largest showcase in the world, where you can search for the "best lawyer specializing in such a matter in my city", even before asking friends for recommendations.


As early as 2016, the Florida Bar began including content on technological advances within the mandatory continued legal education that is required  for lawyers every three years. Also in Spain, articles 3.1 and 4.1 g) of the General Statute of Lawyers have the same purpose, now in collaboration with Blockchain Intelligence to promote legal training in technology.


Making a promotional niche on social networks and appear among the first search results has become something basic and of common knowledge. However, other tools that can help you optimize your time and knowledge will appear in the development of the case and whilst dealing with the client. Using modern and intuitive software will allow you to save valuable time to invest in what really matters in your work as a lawyer, which will for sure delight your client.


There are already specific softwares for law firms. ABOGest or Arazandi Inflex could be the most complete to cover practically all the mechanical tasks of your office.


To give some examples for more specific tasks, a document management software, such as DocuWare, will speed up the identification of identical parties in the contracts, taking care of filling in the less relevant information. Signaturit, on the other hand, can facilitate the electronic signing of contracts without having to cause unnecessary travel.


Or to simplify communication with potential customers, you can use a chatbot as a virtual assistant for questions and other resources; BotSociety or Collect.chat. In the event that your clients require more specific information, you can use Zoom or Skype as an alternative to an in-person appointment.


We must also dedicate a space to another imminent characteristic of these times, as is the danger posed by the Internet as a means of transmitting information. Despite all its good qualities, it has a weak point in its security, since clients' confidential information now passes through multiple networks that can be interfered with if they are not protected.


Email is a very vulnerable point, it can be the object of malware entering through suspicious links or attached files, as well as human factor failures that mistakenly share confidential information irreversibly, or the integrity of the email itself is altered if not verified. Signal can be an alternative mailing tool with higher encryption and message deletion option as some of its advantages.


Regarding the storage of confidential information, extreme security must be sought. Cataloging the level of privacy of the documents can be a good start, since excessive encryption in all the files could once again slow down the management of the office. Later we would talk about physical backups, or creation of ZIP files with password in the cloud or even tokens. VeraCrypt can help you in this regard.

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