19 February 2021

Achieving big projects through small tasks - how do you do it?


Many lawyers are faced with a huge amount of work every day, and much of it ends up being completed at the last minute, or perhaps later than expected

The question that comes to mind is: what are the constraints that cause us not to finish the work on time?

When planning a project strategy, the end of the project is always in sight, but few people stop to think about how long it will take to complete each of the tasks that need to be done to finish the project. 

This lack of foresight can considerably affect the timing. Therefore, it is very important to think about how long it will take to do each of the actions.

A second problem we face before carrying out a project is to be terrified by its size. The same happens with writing a book, many writers are clear about what book they will write about, but when they foresee its dimension, they get blocked because of how unmanageable it may seem to them.

It is therefore advisable to focus on the first steps to be taken. This pattern must be repeated constantly: take the next small steps. And these are easier to achieve, because they are small in size. Little by little, you will make progress in the project without it seeming too big.

One problem we all face is long deadlines. When there are still many weeks to go, we tend to relax and find it difficult to carry out the first steps of the project. It is therefore highly recommended to structure the weeks by means of tasks, following agile working methods (such as OKR). 

This approach can be very interesting when it comes to organising work teams and getting projects done before the deadline

Another tip that could benefit you is to hold regular reviews with your team to see if tasks are being completed on time, and to measure the quality of the tasks themselves and their effects. These evaluation and monitoring meetings will also serve to change tasks and help your other co-workers

All workers should aim for a common goal. That is why communication and cooperation matter more than ever.

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