Blockchain technology for the legal industry
When it comes to the legal profession, it appears that it takes longer for it to modernize and integrate new technologies within its modus operandi. Nowadays, only the most pioneer law firms have entered the blockchain market and benefit from its accessibility and economic advantages, even...
TIL - 31 May 2022
"Blockchain is a stakeholders focused solution"
1. Have you had the opportunity to implement Smart Contracts in a company? Or any blockchain empowered tools implemented in companies?  We co-created a Blockchain for supply chain use case platform with a US based tech giant.  Woven into the track & trace, eCommerce focused capabilit...
Pretty Kubyane - 09 December 2021
Case study: how blockchain can make database use more dynamic
--- The Impact Lawyers interviews Mike DiPetrillo on the benefits that the use of blockchain technologies can bring to lawyers to make the use of databases more dynamic   1.      Have you had the opportunity to implement Smart Contracts in a company? Or any blockchain empowere...
Mike DiPetrillo - 13 October 2021
Case study: application of smart contracts
--- Smart contracts are becoming an indispensable working companion for lawyers   1. Case of fact Law firms are advocating the use of technology to complement the work of their lawyers. The blockchain, although its definition is unfamiliar to many legal professionals, is substantially helpi...
Stevie Ghiassi - 08 July 2021
Case Study: How to implement a Blockchain tool in your law firm
--- Blockchain tools are very useful for law firms. But few know how to implement them.   1. Case of fact Many law firms are considering using technology to help them draw up contracts and keep track of their contract activities in detail.  The blockchain's support for law firms ensur...
Mark Waser - 06 July 2021
Dispute Resolution Rules to regulate cryptocurrency, blockchain or AI disputes
--- LawtechUK has published a new regulation for the resolution of Digital Disputes (“UKJT Digital Dispute Resolution Rules”) It is common knowledge that cryptocurrencies, blockchain and smart contracts will impact all sectors in the very near future. The question that many firms are n...
TIL - 23 April 2021
The impact of the Blockchain on global technology markets
The Blockchain, underpinned by the Distributed Ledger Technology, has the potential to transform businesses globally The legal industry will play a key role in the adoption of the DLT, educating all players in the legal ecosystem, helping corporates understand the legal and regulatory implications ...
TIL - 17 August 2020

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