Why business and law firms need legal support services?
In the actual world, due to the uncertainty of the socioeconomic situation, problems and difficulties can occur without prior notice. For that reason, every business and law firm need to have great support services in order to cope with this type of issues in a successful way.   In order to h...
TIL - 10 April 2023
The last days of Trump's presidency period
These last days have been filled with news on the 2020 United States (US) president election. All eyes have been over the election, as the US politics influences many other countries and the economy all over the world.  For the Republican Party, the candidate for president was Donald Trump, th...
Katiuska Moure - 18 November 2020 United States of America
Suing China for the Virus: Why, Where, and How
When all this will be over, and perhaps even before, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may find itself attacked by an enemy its mighty military power will not be able to stop, aggressive Western lawyers. According to a UK think tank’s report released this month, Beijing and the CCP must p...
Massimo Introvigne - 29 June 2020
South African Competition Tribunal fines company for raising price of face masks due to COVID-19
Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 virus an international health emergency, the pharmaceutical sector around the world has increased the price of its products, especially face masks. Last week, the South African Competition Tribunal ruled that the price offered for face masks...
TIL - 09 June 2020 South Africa

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