United States of America

18 November 2020

The last days of Trump's presidency period

These last days have been filled with news on the 2020 United States (US) president election. All eyes have been over the election, as the US politics influences many other countries and the economy all over the world. 

For the Republican Party, the candidate for president was Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, and a successful businessman. For the Democratic Party, the candidate for president was Joe Biden, former vice-president in the Obama presidency period and someone that has a carrier as politician.

People in the US voted through different methods. Some people mailed their votes, other voted in the early voting period, and other waited until the last minute to gather in the centers to vote. On thing is for sure, this was one of the elections with more percentage of people voting. 

For days after the election, everyone paid attention to the news to know who had more electoral college votes and who had more popular votes. Both candidates were really tied, until last Friday, when Joe Biden gave a surprising leap and reached 305 electoral college votes among the 50 states. One fact about the US electoral system and that was demonstrated recently in the 2016 election, is that the electoral college vote is the vote that makes the difference when choosing a US president, and Joe Biden won this 2020 election not only surpassing the 270 minimum electoral college votes but also obtaining more than the 50% of popular votes.

After these results, Donald Trump’s legal team and supporters filed a package of lawsuits challenging the ballots in different states over the US. Is too early in time to know what would be the decision of the State Courts and some claims might be appeal later on, so these cases can be in the court system for a while before Trump has a final decision. However, some of those lawsuits are already been dropped by Trump’s legal team in states like Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which shows the difficult task that Donald Trump would have in overturning this election.

On thing that is certain is that people in different parts of the country gathered in the streets and parks to celebrate Biden’s election win. This can only show people’s will for a change. Afterall, a vote is the voice of the people choosing their leader, and it seems that Americans have chosen Joe Biden

Daniel Trump’s last days in the presidency seemed to be approaching regardless of his efforts to overturn the election. Only time will tell if Trump’s was rigth in his claims but in the meantime, life continues, and Joe Biden is the 2020 US President-elected

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