Techniques for passing exams for Law students
The study of the law is a very complex activity that requires some skills such as a good memory, time and patience in order to become one of the best legal professionals in the sector. In addition, future lawyers will have to pass difficult exams that will include a lot of content and it is importan...
TIL - 18 April 2023
The power of oratory in the legal profession
Lawyers need to face in their career the challenge of doing well at public speaking which is an extremely difficult skill that is fundamental to practice in order to be successful at the profession. Moreover, the oratory is essential to discuss in the court with other legal colleagues, make proficie...
TIL - 03 April 2023
How to be persuasive when holding a trial
The ability to convince a person through reasons or arguments to think in a certain way or do a certain thing, in short, the use of persuasive language is an essential quality for a lawyer who seeks to succeed in a trial.   We are talking about an ability that brings with it a certain risk fo...
TIL - 05 July 2022
Advice for highly effective lawyers: prestige is acquired with work, dedication and organization
  When I was sixteen and final exam were drawing near, my father suggested I stay home on the weekends to study a little more. One night, surrounded by a good library and next to the patio that let in the cool air and the sound of a cricket, I picked up the book that contained the biography of...
Luis Romero Santos - 27 June 2022
Advice for highly effective lawyers (III): your vocation and enthusiasm for the legal profession will serve you in bad times
I remember that fateful night I arrived very late at the chosen hotel in Marble Arch, London, and saw that I was taken to the worst floor, the hotel room was a single bedroom whose window faced a narrow dark street in front of a church with a blackened façade. There was little room for anythi...
Luis Romero Santos - 30 May 2022
Advice for highly effective lawyers (II): be patient, the important thing is to stay in the place you choose
When I decided to become a lawyer, there were many who told me that it was a very tough profession in which only a few resisted and very few succeeded. I remember that one lawyer that a relative of mine introduced me to. His office was in a fairly old building near the courthouse. Arriving at the do...
Luis Romero Santos - 26 May 2022
Advice for highly effective lawyers: study and train every day
There were only a few days left before the deadline for responding to a lawsuit. I was alone in my living room watching the rain outside and feeling warm with the petticoats on the table, while I held the civil code in my hands and thought about which precepts could help me win that lawsuit about de...
Luis Romero Santos - 25 May 2022

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