Legal strategies that companies use to succeed
The actual socioeconomic situation is going through a very complex time as the effects of the pandemic of the Covid-19 and the consequences of the Ukraine war has caused a global recession in every professional sector. Companies need to deal with higher costs of production, lack of resources and the...
TIL - 26 April 2023
Techniques for passing exams for Law students
The study of the law is a very complex activity that requires some skills such as a good memory, time and patience in order to become one of the best legal professionals in the sector. In addition, future lawyers will have to pass difficult exams that will include a lot of content and it is importan...
TIL - 18 April 2023
How to deal with failure as a lawyer
The fear that failure evokes in every professional sector is something workers need to deal with because it can cause serious mental problems, such as anxiety, and even abandon the job the employee has worked a lot in order to reach that position. For that reasons, it is relevant to learn how to cop...
TIL - 24 March 2023
Legal marketing trends that every law firm needs to have
Marketing is an extremely important element in every single business or professional sector. Its main goal is to promote its product or service in a unique way in order to obtain and maintain clients. Legal marketing is more difficult than in other area because it has some disadvantages such as rest...
TIL - 16 March 2023
Learn how to establish limits at work
Work is one of the fundamental elements in adult life. Being comfortable with the job in the sense of feeling motivated and able to carry out the tasks that have been assigned is not always easy. The daily routine of a worker can be very stressful, which can cause health problems, accordin...
TIL - 09 March 2023
Ever Realised You Probably Own a Job and Not Your Practice as a Business?
--- While I have always dealt with issues of having an exit strategy with my clients, the way it was presented a few days ago by one of my colleagues, Daniel Hassler makes it an excellent Golden Nugget for serious businessowners  Generally, as Daniel argues, most business owners do not have e...
Brian Maphosa - 03 January 2022

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