ABA International Law Section to welcome international lawyers in Madrid
The ABA International Law Section is hosting its 2022 Fall Conference in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. The meeting dates are September 13 – 15, 2022 at the Espacio Maldonado located in the center of Madrid. 300+ lawyers from around the world are expected to attend and participate in the...
TIL - 02 August 2022
PRACTICAL GUIDE - How to organize your firm's Christmas lunch or dinner during COVID
1. Assumption of fact Katerine is a senior associate at the law firm of Knight & Lutford, based in Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami. The firm specializes in family law and has a total of 43 employees. All of them are lawyers. Katerine contacted John, the firm's senior partner, in order to arrange...
eVerythink PR Boutique - 24 December 2021
WEBINAR 24th SEPTEMBER (10.30am US Eastern Time): "Myths & Truths about Innovation in the legal sector"
On Thursday 24th September, The Impact Lawyers will host a webinar regarding the "Myths & Truths about Innovation in the legal sector", which will be led by Karol Valencia, Legal Project Leader & Legal Service Designer at eID (Europe) & Lawcus (USA). Karol develops private consulting an...
TIL - 17 September 2020

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