Case Study: Legal malpractice insurance for law firms
If a firm’s legal malpractice insurance is non-renewed because it has incurred claims, it will be difficult for the firm to obtain quotes for replacement coverage, and any quotes that it does obtain, will likely be for a much higher premium than it paid for its expiring policy. This article ex...
Curtis Cooper - 11 December 2021
The Role of Insurance, Government and Pandemic Insurance
Insurance is a financial product which is based on social need. It does not serve just the interest of one, but that of many. From regulations through academic theory it is accepted and required that, “the business of insurance is to serve the public trust". I am thinking a lot about that con...
Megan Conison - 31 August 2021
Reinsurance Law & Practice
The Insurance Industry operates on the principle of sharing of risks. Insurers cannot operate if their risks are not shared amongst Co-Insurers and Re-Insurers. This is because the availability of reinsurance enables an insurer to accept risks that would otherwise be beyond its underwriting capacit...
Philip Teoh - 05 January 2021
New expansion in the insurance industry in Israel
The international insurance company Kennedys has signed with the Israeli law boutique Zelichov Ben-Dan & Co to hire four of its partners to provide insurance advice in the Middle Eastern country. This new Kennedys office will specialize in legal insurance advice related to dispute resolution. I...
TIL - 02 October 2020 Israel

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